Monday, April 2, 2018

Spring is Here, the Sky is Blue

I like to think that March ending so quickly was Time's little April Fool's Day joke on all of us. March just flew by, didn't it?

And now, here we are. In April.

I didn't do much running in March, but stuck with my weights.
My goal was four workouts a week and I only missed it on one week. And even then, I did three workouts, so nothing to frown about. Going to bump up to five a week for April, especially since I figure out how to add a run in as a workout.

Speaking of runs, I like to start the month off with a run. Even though it was Easter Sunday, I got out and got three miles in. It was sunny but there was a nice nippy wind going so I was bundled up like it was a March 1st run, not an April 1st one.
I unearthed my Garmin for that one because I wanted to listen to a recorded book while I ran and didn't want the Nike Run app to interrupt it. It was the first time I tried that and I will absolutely do it again. Only thing, I don't think I could do it for a speed workout. I noticed I started to slow my pace when I got super involved with the story.

I squashed the half marathon plan. I wasn't even doing the four easy runs I had a week on the schedule and missed my first long run. Yeah, not so much. Instead I will run the 5K for that one, another 5K on Mother's Day, and one in June with my nephew. He's six and likes to run. His mom doesn't run so I run with him for races. He did his first 5K with me on Thanksgiving. He was dragging a little at the end, but I kept his pace pretty slow at the start because I know how kids are (run full speed as long as they can then poop out with two miles to go) so he finished with a smile.

Hope April treats you well!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Run, Run, Run, Jump, I Can Be a Backpack While You Run

My running has been so spotty lately I decided to just register for a half marathon. A training plan gives me an excuse to get out and run even when my mind and body are all "yeah, no, the couch is so much better".

Half marathon is on April 28th. Funny enough, that is also the second night of the community theatre show I am in. So, we will have opening night, I'll run a half marathon the next day, and then off to do some more ACTING.

I ran my first training run on Monday. Since I haven't been diligent about running this is more of a run to finish than a run for speed plan.
Let's do this!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I Get So Weak in the Knees

I ran yesterday. It's been too long. Life, weather, broken treadmill, etc have all gotten in the way. My husband went on a guys trip to Key West for a week. The weekend before my husband left, our kids got sick. C came down with a stomach bug. His brother, A, got it two days later. A's, unfortunately, lasted almost a week. It was miserable. Meanwhile, my husband was in Key West. Did I mention that?

Oh yeah, and during that time we got hit with a late season blizzard that dumped the heaviest and wettest snow possible.

So, yes, life got in the way.

Because of that, my run was rough. My left hamstring's acting up on me, I couldn't get into the zone, whine, whine, whine.

Afterward, I did an arms workout. My running may have suffered, but you guys, I am killing the weights. To make myself feel better, I compared an arm workout from January, February, and yesterday.
The weight amount for Hammer Curls was wrong on this one, it was only 20 pounds

I've increased all of my weights. I've added new ones (goodness that Around the World move is a killer) and I feel GREAT afterward.

The beauty of apps that track weights. It's nice to see the changes even if I feel weak.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Two Steps Back

Ah the end of Daylight Saving Time.

AKA, a jacked up sleep schedule and feeling ravenously hungry at the most inopportune times.

Yay spring!

The only good thing about the end of Daylight Saving Time, is the fact there will actually be light in the evening so I can get some good runs in. Fingers crossed.

That is, if the weather cooperates. Anyone else sick of the end of winter dreariness? I know spring is coming, but the cold and grey doesn't want to let go without a fight.

I won't let it break me! Not today, winter! NOT TODAY!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

In Like a Lion

Ah February. Unlike January, you show up, and next thing you know, you're heading out the door. It's been real, my friend.

That just means March is here and if March is here then spring can't be far behind.

Trust me, I live in Michigan. I  know we'll get at least one more snow storm before real spring arrives. But, hope springs eternal.

My running didn't go so hot this month. It's interesting how much harder it is to get out and run when I don't have a training plan. Which means I should just bite the bullet and sign up for something so I DO have a training plan. We shall see.

Running might have taken a hit, but I kicked weight lifting's butt!
Little blue dots represent a workout
I went from three workouts a week to four and it feels great. I alternate legs and arms, I've increased the amount I lift, I notice a difference in my arms for sure. I love it! I cannot stress enough how a person cannot lose weight and keep it off and look toned on cardio alone. The weights make a HUGE difference.

They make a difference in my running, too. I haven't run that often, but I am still working out my legs. So when I do run, I don't have that "ugh my legs feel like lead" feeling. My legs are all "oh yeah, we just did squats. We got this!"

What, your legs don't talk to you?

I'm going to keep up with my four workouts a week for March. And work in two runs a week, with the possibility of three runs. The weather is getting nicer here PLUS it's lighter later. I can do this!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Love Stinks Yeah Yeah

January. The month that lasts three years.

We had an OK January. Some super cold spells and some bizarrely warm spells. I managed to get some runs and walks in. I'm doing Run the Year as part of a team. Team goal is to run 2018 miles this year. I count my walking as well as my running (I walk around my house or march in front of the TV to get my steps in) for this because I count it in my regular workouts, so why not for this?

I set a goal for myself of three weight workouts a week.
The only week I didn't get my three workouts in was the week I was out of town visiting my new niece. Personally, I think carrying around a ten pound baby counts as a workout, but that's just me.

I'm keeping my goal at three workouts a week for the month of February, too. I don't want to injure myself by pushing too hard too fast. I look forward to my workouts now and I don't want to burn myself out to the point where I dread going down and hitting the weight bench.

Running was a little harder. My goal was 75 miles for January.
Again, I lost some time being on vacation. (Seriously, snuggling babies burns calories, I swear!) Between the cold and my treadmill being gone forever (RIP Treadmill) I slacked here. Good news, I've got a pass for twenty visits to our community center gym. Figure that should get me through the frozen tundra that is a Michigan winter. Trust me, I prefer running outdoors.  However, I also prefer not slipping on ice and breaking an ankle.

I am still going strong on my Year of No Scale. We're only one month in, so I guess that's not very brag worthy. I did take my measurements at the end of this month. And judging by the fit of my jeans I haven't lost much weight. But, I feel good both mentally and physically. And I think I will feel even better when I get moving a little bit more. More mileage here I come!

How was your January?

Friday, January 26, 2018

STOP in the Name of Love

I'm just running along, running along, minding my business (PS The Ghost 10s are amazing and I love them so much) when suddenly:

Please note, the entire driveway was empty. There were almost TWO FULL car lengths clear in front of this car AND behind it. Yet, for some godforsaken reason, this jackhole decides to park BLOCKING THE SIDEWALK.

He (and I know it was a he because I saw him when I ran back past this car) is lucky I didn't have my keys on me because I was about two seconds away from carving 'RUDE' into the side of his car.