Thursday, October 19, 2017

We Are a Family

I mentioned the basement redo in my previous post. I showed you the guys' half of the basement. Here's mine:
The fan is on the treadmill because I was done running and wanted it blowing on me while I did weights!

Things that make me happy:
1.The boys like to lift the tiny weights and go on the stair stepper and say they are getting strong "like Mama".
2. When I'm on the treadmill and they're downstairs, even if I'm going pretty slow, they will exclaim, "Wow, Mama, you're going FAST!"
3. One of the guys likes to jog in place next to me and pretend we're running together.

Redoing the basement was a pain in the ass, I'm not going to lie. And now when it rains, I get a pit in my stomach worrying it's going to flood again.

But, being able to workout while my kids play down there is amazing. We get family time while Mama's setting a good example. I love it!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

You Better Work

I don't live in a very large house. It's perfect for my family of four, don't get me wrong. But, it also ends up looking quite cluttered when you add in the toys of two four year olds who are very, very spoiled loved by their extended family. I put up new curtains...OK, J put up new curtains this weekend. I LOVE THEM! But, it also became one of those "hmmm, look how nice the living room looks with curtains WHAT ELSE CAN WE DO?!?" kind of moments.

In August of 2014 we had flooding in our area. Honestly, this was nothing like what people have experienced in Baton Rouge, or Houston, or other areas of the country. But, at the time, it was devastating to us and our community. I would work all day, then come home and J and I would spend hours tearing up carpet, dragging ruined furniture and memories up to the curb. It took us almost a week to get everything cleaned up.

We were fortunate, and didn't lose out furnace or washing machine or freezer. Others were not so lucky.

For the past three years, the basement has been a mishmash of crap. Old clothes, holiday bins, old toys, workout equipment, the usual crap one tosses down there to keep it out of sight. As the boys have grown older, so has their collection of toys and the amount of SPACE they take up. Finally, three years later, I started work on the basement. Because my new-curtained living room looks great, except it is full of toys.

I started Monday night, because Tuesday is trash day. I didn't finish in time, so I still have some bags and old shelves and crap to take out next week. The guys helped as much as four years old with the attention span of four year olds can.
And finally, after J put down carpet tiles (much easier to remove in case of flooding), I brought down toys. There are still more to bring down and sort through. I have to do that when the boys are asleep because y'all know that broken truck will be their favorite toy in the whole wide world if I try to throw it out in front of them.
I counted the basement cleaning as my workout on Monday. While, I cleaned and hauled a ton of crap up and down the stairs on Tuesday, I still managed to use my brand new weight bench/treadmill set up. Funny enough, I didn't take a picture of that. I will take one and share next time. I ran two miles on the treadmill (sprints ugh) and then spent an hour doing full body weights. Between the hauling and the running and the weights, my muscles are feeling it today!

Hope this week has been good to you so far!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Five Hundred Twenty-five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes

I have been battling a wicked seasonal cold for the past week. It's been a blast, let me tell you.
Camping essentials

What that means is my brain is essentially mush. Today is the first day in ages that I can actually breathe through both nostrils.

It didn't help that last weekend, I went camping with my family. We had a wonderful time, but it was cold and I was sick, so maybe not the BEST time ever.
After our first night. Don't I look thrilled?

The kids loved it and that's really all that matters.
Throwing rocks into bodies of water is their favorite game!
Playing with ALL the glowsticks!

Meanwhile, I'm not training for anything so I am working on a Running to Lose Weight plan. It's interesting not to have a long run. It's been a while since I've done that. But, this also works really well with my busy schedule. I can get the shorter runs and sprints in without spending hours pounding pavement.

I've also been focusing on my weights, which I constantly let slide and then remember how much better I feel and look when I use them. Use the weights, Meg. Just use the damn weights.

My life right now is work, rehearsal, hang with the boys, hockey for the boys, occasional me time, family time. It's busy, but I love it.

Happy October!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me

You prepare as much as you possibly can.

You train, train, train.

You spend hours on a treadmill or running loops in your neighborhood.

You do all that and still, come race day, you have to leave certain things up to the Universe.

Mainly, the weather.

The weather on Sunday was hot and sunny. A lovely day to spend at the pool or at the beach with the family. A horrid day to spend running loops on an island with ZERO breeze, humidity, and limited shade.

You know it's bad when the course marshals send medics out on bikes with gallon jugs of water. After I finished, there was an ambulance heading out on the course. Sending good vibes out into the universe for that person. When I got in my car after the race, the outside temp was 84 degrees.

The photo is not blurry. That is, in fact, the haze.
Was it a tough race? Absolutely.

Did I have fun? I sure did.

Was it my fastest half? Nope.

Does that matter? Not. At. All.

I got to see my boys and cross the finish line with them. I got to listen to Hamilton and run along Belle Isle which was lovely. It was hot and sunny and miserable, but I did it and I am just happy about the training cycle and the run.

Note to self: Only run races in March and November from here on out.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Getting It Done

No idea where August went, but it's gone and now we move on to September.

I run my half marathon next Sunday. I'm excited for it. I feel properly trained. I haven't missed that many runs. In fact, I seemed to struggle the most this PAST week. I think it was a combo of school starting, work struggling, and life.

I got my last long run of my training cycle in. Funny story, I was supposed to do twelve miles. But, life (IE TWIN BOYS) intervened. I got 10.37 miles in and that will just have to be enough. This week I do 4 miles on Tuesday, a thirty minute tempo run on Wednesday, and 2 miles Thursday and that's it until race day.
When your treadmill only goes in 60 minute cycles you do what you have to to get it done
Did I lose all the weight I wanted to before this race? Nope. Did I still buy my Wonder Woman outfit? You can bet your sweet ass I did. I'll post pics on race day.

I joined a Back to School Biggest Loser challenge. Here's hoping I can stick to it this time. NO, not hoping. I'm going to stick to it. End stop. Whew.

Hope your end of summer was great and you are ready to kick butt this fall!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

We Hope You Understand Your Wish is Our Command

For some reason I can't motivate myself to get up in the morning to do my runs. I need to get back to that. Our pool closes on Labor Day and I REALLY want to get some swimming in before it does. Come on, Meg, move your butt.

This week was fun. Something big happened on Monday. Was there something going on? Having to do with the sun? Who knows. We didn't get totality in MI, but it was cool to see it get a little grey out. The boys came up to see me at work since there are welding shields where I work.
"I see the moon!"

Then Monday evening I auditioned for Annie at one of our community theatres. I don't know how much I post about the failed auditions, but I have had a few of those. Singing makes me nervous, much more so than acting. When you don't get cast in a part you really want, it can be pretty heartbreaking. It also makes me feel like maybe I'm not that good. Yet, I keep auditioning. Why do I do that to myself?!?

Well, Tuesday, they posted the cast list and I got the part of Grace. If you're not familiar with the show, Grace is Daddy Warbucks' secretary. She gets some songs and I bet I get some dancing, too. Which is great. At the audition we spent about 20 minutes working on and doing a dance for the director/choreographer and it was awesome! Very Fosse, and yet also doable for a woman (me) who has zero dance skill.

I had every intention of doing my Tuesday run on Tuesday. Then I had a kid who didn't want to go to bed. By the time he was asleep I was starving. I can run on an empty stomach, but I knew if I tried to run when I was that hangry hungry it would be miserable. Which is how I ended up doing my Tuesday run on Wednesday. It counts as long as you do it!

Four more long runs until the half marathon! I ordered the outfit I'm going to wear for it so I can get at least one or two runs in with it to make sure it's comfortable. I'll share pics and links when I have it.

Hope your week has been great so far!

Monday, August 21, 2017

All This Whinin' and Cryin' and Pitchin' a Fit Get Over It

You know your weekend is going be a good one when you start out like this:
Double margaritas!
This should come as a surprise to NO ONE but I didn't do my scheduled Saturday run. Because see above picture showing how I spent my Friday evening.

Funny enough, it wasn't even the booze that did it. On Friday I did the weight workout I was supposed to do on Thursday. And somehow I strained my shoulder muscle. It hurt like the dickens when I walked and I wasn't about to torture myself for a run. Thankfully, by Sunday it had mellowed out enough for me to run.

Ten miles on the treadmill on Sunday. Here's how I accomplished that. My treadmill has a max time of 60 minutes. Here was my first sixty:
Then I started again. Stopped after two miles to wrangle a kid in the middle of a meltdown. Got back on it. By then I had paused it so long it reset itself, but I rounded DOWN to two miles, even though I know I was past the two mile mark. Got back on the treadmill. Made it over a mile before I needed to help get the kids breakfast. Paused it again. Stayed away so long it reset itself. Again, rounded up just because I couldn't remember how far over a mile I was. Got BACK on the treadmill and finished out with a 2.5 miles. All of this done at a 13 minute/mile pace.

I figure I deserve all the extra credit in the world for getting back on the damn treadmill every time I was forced to stop. My 2 hours and 10 minutes of running took me almost three hours with all the stops.

But, it's done. And I felt pretty good.

The downside to a treadmill run? My phone thinks I was sitting on my ass the whole time.
Gee, thanks, phone.