Friday, February 2, 2018

Love Stinks Yeah Yeah

January. The month that lasts three years.

We had an OK January. Some super cold spells and some bizarrely warm spells. I managed to get some runs and walks in. I'm doing Run the Year as part of a team. Team goal is to run 2018 miles this year. I count my walking as well as my running (I walk around my house or march in front of the TV to get my steps in) for this because I count it in my regular workouts, so why not for this?

I set a goal for myself of three weight workouts a week.
The only week I didn't get my three workouts in was the week I was out of town visiting my new niece. Personally, I think carrying around a ten pound baby counts as a workout, but that's just me.

I'm keeping my goal at three workouts a week for the month of February, too. I don't want to injure myself by pushing too hard too fast. I look forward to my workouts now and I don't want to burn myself out to the point where I dread going down and hitting the weight bench.

Running was a little harder. My goal was 75 miles for January.
Again, I lost some time being on vacation. (Seriously, snuggling babies burns calories, I swear!) Between the cold and my treadmill being gone forever (RIP Treadmill) I slacked here. Good news, I've got a pass for twenty visits to our community center gym. Figure that should get me through the frozen tundra that is a Michigan winter. Trust me, I prefer running outdoors.  However, I also prefer not slipping on ice and breaking an ankle.

I am still going strong on my Year of No Scale. We're only one month in, so I guess that's not very brag worthy. I did take my measurements at the end of this month. And judging by the fit of my jeans I haven't lost much weight. But, I feel good both mentally and physically. And I think I will feel even better when I get moving a little bit more. More mileage here I come!

How was your January?

Friday, January 26, 2018

STOP in the Name of Love

I'm just running along, running along, minding my business (PS The Ghost 10s are amazing and I love them so much) when suddenly:

Please note, the entire driveway was empty. There were almost TWO FULL car lengths clear in front of this car AND behind it. Yet, for some godforsaken reason, this jackhole decides to park BLOCKING THE SIDEWALK.

He (and I know it was a he because I saw him when I ran back past this car) is lucky I didn't have my keys on me because I was about two seconds away from carving 'RUDE' into the side of his car.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Take a Letter, Maria

Dear Running Store,
I want to start this off by saying I did not have a BAD experience at your store, not exactly. It wasn't like that. The man who helped me was very nice and very polite. I want to stress that.

  Last time I bought shoes from (Insert Store Name) was last year. The man who helped me was, I believe, the owner, which might explain the difference in the two sales. He spent time with me, had me try on multiple options, watched me walk and run, just genuinely made me feel he was invested in making sure I left the store with the best running shoe for me. In fact, the experience was so good I made it a point to stop in over the year and get fuel and a running hat just to support such an awesome small business.

 However, when I bought my shoes last night it was different. I came in with my old shoes, ready to try on multiple pairs of shoes like I had before. I remember the sales person before telling me not to be stuck on a brand, to give other brands a shot. I was prepared to spend time in the store picking out my shoes. The person who helped me was very polite. He looked at my shoes. Commented on the wear, then asked how I liked them. I had no issues with the shoes, so he went in back and got me the latest version of that shoe. Brought them out, helped me put them on then suggested, "Why don't you take a stroll around the store and see how they feel?"

  Now, I get that I don't look like a runner. I'm overweight, I was in my work clothes and not running clothes, so maybe he assumed I wasn't much of a runner. That I didn't need to feel how it actually felt to run in the shoes to see if I liked them. Maybe I just got different service with the previous sales person, who at one point had me run up and down in front of the store in two different shoes to see which one I liked more.
  And maybe if I hadn't just watched the other customer in the store go outside two different times to run in his potential shoes, I might not have noticed and felt slighted. But, I did notice and I did feel slighted.

  It's not easy being a runner who doesn't look like a runner. I've dealt with different treatment all across the board from race directors, to people manning aid stations, to people driving by in cars who think it's OK to yell at people out exercising.

 So what is even the point of this email? I have no idea. Maybe to remind people that regardless of size or shape, if someone comes into a running store they should be treated like the slender gazelles who are also shopping there. Because when I left your store last night, with my brand new Brooks Ghost 10's, I didn't feel excited to use them. I felt discouraged.

A Back of Packer

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

'Cause I Want You to Be Happy

Ever since the death of the treadmill, I've had to squeeze runs in whenever I can. I have to tell you, I've been spoiled by being able to run in my basement with my shows on TV.

The big issue is, I stopped feeling safe running in my little community. I know it's mostly me. We have a fantastic crime rate. There are police EVERYWHERE (the joys of living in a super small town with its own police force) and it's not unsafe. I just feel very vulnerable when I run at night.

I've had to squish runs in when I can. Last night, I got one in after the guys ate their dinner. It was still light enough when I left I didn't feel that bad. Plus, I had my pepper spray.

Really let that one sink in there.

I run with pepper spray.

I know this is late for the #MeToo movement, but come on! I can name five of my guy runner friends who don't run with pepper spray. And it's not because I don't live in a safe area, see the above for that. It's because I am a woman and regardless of how safe stuff is, I am still vulnerable because of my very sex. I call bullshit!

Done ranting. For now.

I managed 2.5 miles before it got close to the time for my guys bath.

Did I mention it was warm enough to run without a hat?
I know global warming is bad. TRUST ME. But, I can still enjoy a run without a hat in mid-January, can't I?
It had been raining all day and in to the evening, but the raindrops stayed away for me. Thankful for that!
I have my first 5K of the year on Saturday. It's set up to be a pretty relaxed one (ie no chip timing). A good one to start the year, I think.

Happy trails to you today!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Most Disputes Die and No One Shoots

Ok, so we're doing this.

I have mentioned before that I've written a couple of really crappy novels. Each time I finish one and then go back and read it and get let down by it I have to remember this: Meg, you wrote a mother effing novel. That's pretty badass.

In non-running related news, I also have a blog associated with my author name. I haven't posted on it regularly because no one was reading. Then I realized I probably had to let people know it existed. I'm sharing it with you now.

Feel free to follow if you want to. Like I said, not fitness related, but I think it's a fun read.

Margaret Berger

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

And She's Buying a Stairway to Heaven

I read somewhere that running up twenty flights of stairs is about equal to a mile. Not in distance, per say, but in effort.

Because I got home late after a meeting and it was too cold and icy for me to risk an outdoor run, my stupid brain was all "hey, we can run up and down the stairs a bunch of times".

So I did.

Sixty flights later...

I'm glad I did it. It made me feel good, got my juices pumping, and goodness knows my quads are thankful. But...

I miss my treadmill. I miss running outdoors.

Can you tell I am feeling very whiny today?

Oh my god. I've turned into Jon Snow.
I get it now. I would be a whiny punk, too, if I was stuck in a frozen tundra forever.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Snowflakes That Stay on Your Nose and Eyelashes

Ah yes, the January grumpies have landed. You know what I'm talking about? The point where winter is hanging on with its icy grip and you just want to be warm again but that's not happening and the days are short and the nights are long. Anyone else? Just me?

It doesn't help that it is cold out and my treadmill broke. Nevertheless, she persisted. As in, Mama went outside for a run. I have cold weather running gear. I am used to this stuff. But, the treadmill has spoiled me.
I do love running in fresh snow. It's not icy, there's a nice cushion, and I have an excuse to slow down.

Got my three miles in after work even though I wanted to sit on the couch instead.
I know it's January and Christmas is over, but I saw some houses with their lights on during my run and I was OK with it. Christmas lights make me happy. Can we leave them up year round?

Halfway through January. How's your 2018 so far?