Thursday, July 20, 2017

If at First You Don't Succeed Then Dust Yourself Off and Try Again

I did two running workouts yesterday, one in the morning and one at night. Probably not the wisest decision, but I wanted to get my tempo run in. The guys went to sleep easily (thank you swim lessons and hours spent outdoors with the hose) which didn't leave me much of an excuse.

I hate speed work. I'm not a fan of doing things FAST. I like my slow and steady approach to running.

Speaking of speed work...

Tempo run done, then I did weights because I didn't think I would have time to do weights tonight. No big, right?

Wrong. This morning at swimming we did...drum roll, please...speed work.

Oh, sprints, how I hate you.

I almost didn't go swim this morning. Sleep has been such a struggle lately. Seriously, I got up to let the dogs out and thought, "I can go back to bed for another half hour."

Look at this face:
This me sitting on the back steps trying to convince myself not to swim.

It doesn't help that as the summer moves on, it gets darker and darker in the mornings.

Somehow, I just kept moving. I put on my suit. I brushed my teeth. I drove to the pool. I swam. That swim was brutal. I already had tired legs from my TWO runs yesterday. Add to that sprints, and you can imagine how wobbly I was when I got out of the pool.

Weak and tired, yes.

Grumpy? Nope.
Flushed red cheeks from sprinting, but smiling. Endorphins are no joke.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Don't It Always Seem to Go You Don't Know What You Got Till It's Gone

Week Seven
Weekly weigh-in: +1.4 pounds
Pounds to go: 49.4

Ugh. Let me repeat that. Ugh.

My eating wasn't BAD this past week. My workouts slacked a bit, but that's mostly because I took a break from running because of my bum ankle. 

I would say I'm not sure where the weight came from, but I'm an honest person, so I'm sure the ice cream I had a couple of times last week, the extra handful of snacks here and there, all contributed to my gain.

It happens.

In the immortal words of Florence + the Machine "And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back so shake him off". 

Shake him off.

Focus on my running and my swimming and my eating. This is not an excuse for me to backslide. This is my first gain in SEVEN WEEKS! I would say that's pretty darn good.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

But I Come Back to the Water, No Matter How Hard I Try

I'm sure it's a sign of a good workout when your arms and legs and even abs (thank you butterfly stroke) are wobbly almost two hours after you finished. It's a good sign AND it is also a little exhausting.

I've had issues falling asleep and staying asleep the past few nights. For a while, I was doing no screens after 8PM to help with my sleep. It worked, but then I got lazy and now I'm all over Instagram at 10 o'clock at night and that does nothing for my beauty rest. Beauty rest I desperately need if I'm going to wake up at 5:45 four days a week.
I was supposed to do weights yesterday. Once the boys fell asleep my brother, who lives out of town, called. I spent an hour and a half on the phone with him instead of lifting weights. Nurturing family connections is just as important as physical health, so I'm OK with a missed workout.

Tonight is a 3.5 mile run. It's not super humid out, like it was last Tuesday. I might do it outdoors before my husband leaves for his weekly skate. Or, I'll be lazy and just do it on the treadmill after the kids are asleep. I have the most recent episode of Great British Bake Off calling my name.

So many choices! Hope this Tuesday is amazing for you!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Just One Look

Last week's new recipe (sadly there was only one) was Cheesy Zucchini Enchiladas from Skinnytaste cooked on Tuesday.

My husband loves enchiladas with a passion. He even makes his own enchilada sauce, because he is amazeballs.

He made them, so I didn't get a step by step photo process. He doubled the Skinny Taste recipe so we could have leftovers and packed the baking pan tighter that in the Skinny Taste picture. In case you look at hers and look at this and freak out. I did get a finished photo.
These were delicious! I highly recommend them. I can't tell you how difficult they were to make, but I can tell you my husband liked them so much he made them again on Saturday.

This week, I'm debating between a shrimp recipe (I am the only one in my family who really likes shrimp. I KNOW!) and a taco zucchini thing. I'll let you know!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Downtown, No Finer Place For Sure

Week Six
Weekly weigh-in: -1.4 pounds
Pounds to go: 48

Funny story. I weigh myself weekly as soon as I get back from my morning swim. I didn't think about it last week, just did it and grumped about my crappy loss. This morning I stepped on the scale, and again, crappy loss.

Cue long, dramatic sigh.

I took a shower, dried off, wrapped my hair up in a towel and a little light bulb when on over my head. When I get out of the pool I don't dry my hair. At all. I live super close to the pool, so it drips a whole bunch, but it's just going to get wet anyway, once I shower and I don't care. I don't have super long hair, but it's thick and it soaks up some water.

Just for shits and giggles, I towel dried my hair, and weighed again.

Son of a biscuit, the loss almost DOUBLED! I went from a .8 loss to a 1.4 pound loss!


So now I know for next week. Take a shower first, towel dry, THEN weigh yourself.

This is the first week where I have made it to swimming each morning. It's the third day of that, and I have to tell you, my arms are reminding me I am not used to this crap. I carried my coffee cup into the office this morning and my arm trembled.
I really love the swimming. Even when I have to force myself to get up because there were storms last night and they woke me up at midnight and made it hard for me to fall back to sleep. We are working on butterfly this week, which is a pain in the ass stroke, that's for sure, but I struggled through it.

Midway through the week! Hopefully we all survive!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Oh Thursday Doesn't Even Start

Half marathon training Week 2 - complete!

I did my three miles pace run on Saturday on the treadmill. I'm aiming for 12:20/mile for my goal pace so I can beat my current half marathon PR which is 2:43 and change. Saturday I ran my three at an 11:20/mile pace. I busted my ass for that, so maybe I should slow down to prevent injury. Sunday, I had six on the schedule. One of my runner friend's is in from out of town, so we picked a 5K to run together. She isn't trained enough for the six I needed. Instead, I met up with a different runner friend, ran three with him, then met up with her and ran the 5K. 6.1 done for the day.

And this morning I got up at the ass crack of dawn and swam for fifty minutes.

All of that, and I still feel like I am struggling with my weight. I took measurements last week just so I can have something to compare with, because the scale is a dick.

In between workouts, we had family in from out of town so plenty of cousin time, and then my guys, husband, and I all went to our city pool for a couple of hours Sunday afternoon. My little fishies had a blast!

How was your weekend?

Thursday, July 6, 2017

But If You Try Sometimes You Might Find You Get What You Need

Week Five
Weekly weigh-in: -0.6 pounds
Pounds to go: 49.4

Trying not to get too frustrated this week. I busted my ass over the holiday weekend, I stayed away from the treats (within reason), I tracked like a mofo and I end up with just over a half a pound lost.

I know. I can hear it right now. Believe me, I would say the same things to you.

"It's a loss. That's all that matters."

"It's better than a gain."

"It will work itself out."

I get all that. It's just hard not to be frustrated at the way my body works. I've been crushing my swim workouts, and my running. I worked out TWICE yesterday. My eating has been on point! This is just...frustrating!!
It didn't help that I just made the mistake of going back through my weight loss on My Fitness Pal and realized I am about ten pounds away from my lowest weight recorded. I am literally not even close to my lowest fattest weight. 

Stupid, stupid, stupid.