Monday, November 11, 2013

Another One Bites the Dust

Somehow I managed to lose a pound this week. It's just one pound, but with the way I was eating I should've gained pounds.

I am addicted to fast food. I'm only half joking about this. When I quit smoking years ago I started eating in my car instead of smoking, something I'm sure a lot of former smokers started doing. Supposedly, there's some sort of link in the brain between craving nicotine and being hungry so when one cannot have one they do the other. I read it somewhere, I swear!

All those years ago I started eating in my car and it is a damn near impossible habit to break. Each week I tell myself "this is the week where I don't eat fast food" and each week I find myself pulling through the stupid drive-thru lanes. I do this even when I'm not starving, even when I know I am on my way home to EAT DINNER WITH MY FAMILY.

I can do it. I can resist it.

I tend to make healthier decisions on days I run so that helps. Unfortunately, I missed some workouts last week and I missed one today, because they hubs had to leave for work super early.

At least I lost a pound. And here's hoping there are more pounds to follow.

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