Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Doctor Who Virtual 5K

I am a geek. I am a nerd. I'm a nerdy geek!

Today I signed up for a Doctor Who Virtual 5K in honor of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode which airs internationally on Saturday. Woo-hoo! I saw a link to it from a blog I read and checked it out. And since I ran more than 3.1 miles today I figured I would count today as my Virtual 5K day. Yay me!

The good news is my virtual 5K time was way faster than my 5K time from the start of this month. So that's a plus.

I have never been one for speed. Most of the time when I run a race my goal is to get to the finish line and maybe get there faster than the last time I ran that distance. And if not, hey, at least I got to the finish line.

I did change my route up a little bit so I could run up and down a slight hill we've got in the neighborhood. It wasn't much but since I'm used to pancake flat it helped. My quads are feeling it today!

Thanksgiving is next week! I'm signed up for a 10K on Thanksgiving morning. It's usually a crowded mess so I don't have any plan for that race other than to have fun and finish it and enjoy. I'll hopefully be running with one of my friends, but if she's faster than me, I'll be on my own. I'm ok with that. Again, my motto is "get to the finish line without passing out".

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  1. Yay for geeks and Doctor Who!

    I'm also a D.A.L. runner. In fact, I've done it twice now!