Monday, November 11, 2013

My Morning Jacket...

...and the other stuff I wear for my morning workout.

I used to like running in the evening a whole lot more than getting up earlier than I was required to for work. And then I had kids and realized that getting up a little bit early works way better than attempting to stay up once the kiddos go to bed.

In order to make sure I get up for my runs and actually get out the door I set out all of my workout clothes the night before. I sleep with my hair in a loose bun on top of my head (I got into the habit while I was nursing and just kept it up) so I always have my ponytail holder at the ready.

Depending on the weather I lay out running tights, a skirt, a tech tee and a hooded sweatshirt. I have my Galloway timer so I can do my walk/run without looking at my phone. It is awesome! I stick my socks in my shoes and I am good to go. I leave my headphones and bandana at the door so I know where they are and don't waste any time searching for them.

For now, I run a little over two miles. I don't want to get up much earlier than I do which means if I want to run longer I'll have to run faster. Ha! I think I'll start getting up earlier in small increments, say ten minutes, to get used to it. When all is said and done I'll feel like I'm sleeping in on weekends when I get up with the boys at 7:00AM.

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