Monday, November 25, 2013

The Freakin' Weekend

I had a fantastic weekend.

Unfortunately, I didn't run on Saturday or Sunday. But, it's ok, I am back on the running wagon this week. In fact, I am running a 10K on Turkey Day and will make a nice race recap. I figured I would do that so anyone looking for info on how the race is for an overweight not super fit person can find this blog. I looked up race recaps of the DC Nike Women's Half Marathon before I registered and they were all written by women who were all "I ran it at an 8 minute per mile pace" to which I say good for you and HA not gonna happen for me,

What I'm saying is, I'd like my race recaps to help people like me. So I will recap all of my races in hopes a Google search leads someone here and they can find out how to run the Detroit Turkey Trot while being somewhat plump.

Where was I?

The weekend was spectacular. I saw an opera on Saturday night, my first ever. It was exactly what I had hoped it would be and then some. And I saw "Catching Fire" on Sunday. It was fantastic. I very, very rarely like the movie as much as I like a book. In this case, I would say I like it as much. If you liked the first movie you will like this one, I promise.

And I spent plenty of time crawling around on the floor after my little guys. We had a blast. I have a short work week this week so I'm looking forward to extra time with my guys, spending time with family, running a race and just having a great Thanksgiving week.

I also spent an incredible amount of time cleaning out basement and starting prep on it for the holiday parties we're hosting. I have a friend party the second weekend in December. Then we're hosting Christmas brunch with my family. And the weekend after Christmas we're celebrating the boys' first birthday. Crazy! Let the holiday madness begin!

How was your weekend?

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