Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Running

I had every intention to get up early on Saturday and go for a run before the boys woke up. But, when my alarm went of at 5:50AM I looked at it and said, "Hell no." I went back to sleep. The boys woke up about 7:30AM so I got up with them, got them bottled and breakfasted, and then hung out with them until about 9:30AM when Hubs got up and I went off to my rehearsal.

I'm in a Christmas play, by the way. Hence the Saturday rehearsal.

I did run on Sunday, so the weekend wasn't a total loss. I got up about 7:30AM with Hubs and the boys and helped with bottles. Then he hung with the crew while I went for a 3.5 mile run. It felt good but the stupid stop watch on my phone didn't work so I guessed how long I was running and I must've been wrong because my miles came in at WAY slower than I've been running lately. I know there was a two day gap between runs but I didn't lost that much speed!

I'm pondering getting a Garmin. It's just a pondering for now. Maybe for my birthday in April? We'll see how I do with my running over the winter. They aren't cheap and I would hate to get one and then not use it.

Speaking of running over the winter, I registered to be in the lottery for Nike's Women's Half Marathon in Washington D.C. My husband does a golf trip with all of his friends in March so this will be my equivalent to his golf trip. I'll find out by the second week of December if I'm in it so yay! It's the same day as the Glass City Marathon so if I don't get in I'll just run the half in Toledo. I'll be training no matter what. I have friends in DC who have volunteered their couches and promised to come out and cheer me on so that would be awesome!

AND, I lost a few pounds, so this was overall a pretty good weekend!

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