Friday, December 20, 2013

Change of Pace

I don't want this blog to be about things other than working out and running and such, but sometimes I just have to get stuff off my chest.

I don't watch Duck Dynasty. It's not something that appeals to me, at all. In fact, the closest thing to a reality show I watch is Top Chef. And even then, I fast forward the drama and just watch the contestants present their food to the judges and the judges' reactions. I don't dig on reality t.v.

So when I heard about this guy on Duck Dynasty getting quoted in GQ I just knew this was going to make my Facebook feed blow up. And sure enough it did.

I 100% support freedom of speech. In fact, one of my favorite movie quotes comes from The American President:
"It's gonna say "You want free speech? Let's see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who's standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours."

This isn't a freedom of speech issue. He wasn't arrested for what he said. A&E chose to suspend him because something he said didn't go along with their own ideals. It's no different than Isaiah Washington getting fired from Grey's Anatomy for gay slurs or the blow back on Michael Richards for his racist rants.

This guy from Duck Dynasty isn't just some regular guy on the street. HE IS PAID TO DO WHAT HE DOES. HE IS PAID TO BE ON TELEVISION. And when the people who PAY HIM decide they don't like what he says THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO SUSPEND HIM. Because THEY PAY HIM.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Eleventy Billion

It is 11 degrees out today. And in honor of that low temperature I am going to share eleven random facts about me and my running. Or maybe not just my running since I'm not sure I can come up with 11 running things. We'll see.

11 Interesting Excercisey Things About Me Because It's So Cold Outside My Brain Froze

1. I ran a full marathon in 2010. I walk/ran the first 17 miles with an excellent friend who had only registered for the half but stayed with me all that time keeping me company and distracted. We parted ways after 17 miles and I fell apart. I finished mere minutes ahead of the Last Chance Bus.

2. Hubs and I, before we were married, ran a 10 Miler in mid-Michigan, the CRIM. I ran a half-marathon a few months later. I am telling you that 10 Mile run was a million times harder than the half. It was a hilly course. And it was August so it was WARM! We ran a 10K the year before but other than that, we have not run any other races together. He plays hockey to keep in shape.

3. I ran a 5K while three months pregnant. I wasn't very fast and I did some walking but it was fun and I like to tell the boys it was their first race.

4. I trained for my marathon on the treadmill. I also ran outside but I was doing the majority of my training in the summer. It happened to be a particularly warm summer. I remember putting movies on the DVD player and just running while the movies played.

5. I've always been happier with distance over sprinting. I was a swimmer in high school and swam the distance events. Funny thing, as a freshman they pretty much throw all of the non-swimmers into the sprint events because they're easier. I got in trouble while en route to a relay meet (basically a For Fun event) and got stuck swimming a distance relay. I did really, really well so my coach put me in distance events. Slow and steady, that's me!

6. I've never displayed my race medals until now. I had them in a box in my bedroom. Then I reorganized my basement and found a cool spot for them. I'll post a picture later.

7. My running shoes are Saucony Omni 12 size 8.5. The second most expensive pair of shoes I own. (Most expensive: a pair of Manolo Blahniks I got from all of my girlfriends for my 30th birthday)

8. I have yet to really run in the snow. Oh sure, I ran in a blizzard on Thanksgiving Day, but it wasn't really sticking. Right now there's snow on the ground and I have a hard time motivating myself to get out there in the cold.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

9. I signed my best friend and I up for a 5K in March. It starts at 10:30 so you know we'll all be ok with getting down there on time. I love a late start race!

10. I am planning on signing up for a three part race series that is centered around booze. First one is in May and that's a brewery run. Second one is in late summer, that one's focused on wine. And the last one is in the fall...hard cider yum!

11. My goal to run a 5K every month starting in October is already starting to fall apart. There are two races I can choose from but I have a work Christmas party that's out of town and running a race isn't going to happen. Looks like I'll have to make up my own 5K!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The stomach bug and flu are spreading through my household like wildfire. First, my mom came down with it as she was watching the boys Friday night. Then one of the boys got sick on Saturday. Funny thing, he didn't act sick except for the three times he threw up. He would yak and then laugh and crawl away. Kids.

The bug hit me early Sunday morning. I suffered through it and took the day off yesterday. As of right now Hubs and Kiddo #2 are still well. Fingers crossed it doesn't hit them.

I know there was a really bad virus going around last year super close to Christmas so I am thankful we did not get it that close to the holiday.

I have not been able to eat much. I managed to eat a tiny bit of soup and half of a sandwich yesterday. I'm pretty much running on ice cold Coke right now. It's so delicious!

You know what this really comes down to, right? I have not been running all weekend. I'm supposed to run tomorrow morning but I already turned my alarm off. I had to sit down at the top of the stairs this morning when I was coming up from the basement. Yep, I actually took a break on the steps.

I'm not good at being sick. I know I need to rest and I need to hydrate but it's kinda hard to do when one is chasing after 11 month old twins.

I'm sorry, running shoes. You and I will meet again soon!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Sign Me Up!

One of my best friends posted on Facebook about how she was looking into getting into running and any advice and tips, etc. I was so excited for her. I don't always LOVE running but I do like it a lot and there are times where I love it. So I'm always excited when other people want to run.

We chatted about it and I signed us up for a 5K in March, the Lucky Dash. The goal is the get her across the finish line. And I will make that happen!

We also set up a running/walking group. It's tough to get together during the week with work and family stuff but weekends are a little more flexible. We're meeting on Saturday or Sunday depending on the day, at a park that has a great walking/running path. It's about midway between the two of us so it works out. I am looking forward to training with someone who is closer to my speed. I've run with my sister a few times but she is MUCH faster than me so it's tough.

March race taken care of! I just need to sign up and run one for this month. There are two on the same day in two weeks. Not sure which one I will run, but either way I running one of them! Back on the running wagon I go!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Keeping Hydrated

I'm terrible at remembering to drink water. I don't do very well when I'm working. And I do even worse when I'm at home.

The company I work for gets a delivery of water bottles which is great for people who are OK drinking out of water bottles. I liked to reduce waste a little bit more than that so I bring my own reusable water bottle from home and fill it with tap water.

That's right, I drink the dreaded tap water.

Side note: when did tap water become bad? I mean, I grew up drinking water from the tap. If I was lucky my mom filled a big 2 quart juice pitcher with water and stuck it in the fridge. If I wasn't lucky I drank coldish water from the tap. I understand for people who are drinking well water and stuff, but I get city water. Why do I need a fancy Brita pitcher?

End side note.

I don't mind if my water isn't freezing cold but I like it to have a bit of a chill to it. So if I fill my cup up right when I get into work and stick it in the fridge by the time I'm done with my coffee it is good to go.

That is, of course, if I remember to get it out of the fridge.

Any tips on how to successfully drink enough water?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Well, That Sucks

MEG B - 20629

Your entry was not accepted.


I didn't have super high hopes that I would get a chance to run this race. After all, if you look at my number up there over 20,000 women signed up just to see if they would get chosen. Yikes!

I think it was meant to be that I didn't get chosen. Honestly, I'm not really a Tiffany & Co. kind of woman. I own one thing from that store and that's a necklace my husband bought me for our wedding.

I've never traveled for a race so I was looking forward to trying it out. But, this way I will run the Glass City Half Marathon in Toledo (which is still traveling as I live in Michigan and that's in Ohio) and maybe Hubs and the boys will be able to come to the race. I have heard that one is relatively flat so dare I say the letters P and R?

Plus, since I know I won't be running in DC I can sign up for the Glass City half early and save money. It's a win all around!

I'm taking this week off from running. I am in a Christmas play and it's Dress Rehearsal week which means I'm there pretty late. By the time I get home and get everything ready for work the next day and for the boys it's after 11PM. I used to be able to last on much less sleep but I am far too old for that. Plus, one of my boys is sick or teething and waking up in the middle of the night. The lack of sleep is wearing on me. 

Anyone get in to the Nike Women's Half in DC?



Monday, December 2, 2013

Fifth Third Turkey Trot 2013 Race Recap

I had very little expectations for this race. I haven't been running much further than three miles during my training runs so my goal was simple...I wanted to finish.

I finished! Woo-hoo.

But, let's go back a little bit.

Packet pick-up was pretty cool. Up until November 23rd you could pick your packet up at a couple of places outside Downtown Detroit. I missed out on that and had to pick mine up at Cobo Hall. There were a handful of vendors there, which was nice. I didn't really need anything, but some people were taking advantage of the end of the season bargains.

Pick-up was a breeze. I was in and out in a few minutes. I spent Wednesday with Hubs and my guys  and went to bed early.

My friends picked me up at my house at 6:30 AM which came way earlier than I wanted it to. It was about twenty degrees out at this point. We found parking relatively close and headed over to Cobo. Unlike the day before, this time it was packed with runners. Just as we got out of the car it started to snow, just a light dusting.

Now here comes the real downfall. The race doesn't start right at Cobo but since we had a half hour before the gun was going off my friend and her friend joined the LOOONG line for the ladies room. And thirty-seven minutes later they finally got to pee. Now if you're paying attention here you will see that thirty-seven minutes puts us seven minutes after the gun. We headed out, positive our slow corral wouldn't be heading anywhere. You see, my friend had run the Turkey Trot in 2009 and she said it took her twenty minutes to cross the starting line. HA! HA HA!

As we were walking to the starting line, which was about a quarter of a mile away from Cobo, I heard someone announce "All 10K participants must cross the Start Line by 7:45". We were about five minutes away.

So my friends and I booked it to the starting line. We crossed at 7:40 AM but already I could feel this race was not going my way. First, my one friend kept trying to get her head phones to sync with her iPhone and it wasn't happening. Meanwhile I am running next to her holding her water and thinking, "this is way too fast for me" but running to keep up with her. Thankfully, she got her shit together (she had planned on doing all of this while standing around the start corral) and she went her way and I slowed down to my pace.

The first two miles were brutal.


Oh the weather outside is frightful!

But the fire is so delightful!

That, my friends, is snow. I don't know that the pictures do it justice because it was SNOWING. At first, it wasn't bad, but the snow kept coming and coming. Actually, I'm going to say I didn't mind the snow all that much. It was a million times better than rain. And it wasn't windy so I was actually warm enough to take my fleece off and tie it around my waist by about the first mile.

I did alright while I was running but during the walking bits I slipped around a lot. I was afraid I was going to fall so I'm sure my pace was slower than normal.

The first three miles took forever. We turned around at the 2.5 mile mark. It wasn't a complete out and back so I knew we would be covering new terrain at some point. I swear to you, I didn't think Mile Marker 3 would ever show up.

I was sucking wind. I was tired. My legs hurt. I felt like I was going super slow.

The disadvantage to starting at the absolute back of the pack, like behind the walkers back of the pack, is it is hard to tell how fast you are running. I mean, I had every intention to run my own race but still, it sucks to feel like there is no one behind you.

Oh hello, sweet Mile 5
 Eventually, I started to pass people. But, it took forever. I would pick a person ahead of me and aim for passing them every time I was in the running part of my walk/run. It felt good to pass people. And also frustrated the crap out of me because I knew had I started when I was supposed to then I would have been way past these people.

Now the second downfall to the race was this next bit. The 5K started an hour after the 10K and at some point the 5K loop and the 10K loop overlapped. So I ended up getting passed by speedy 5Kers. This year the race offered some kind of double medal. One could run the 10K and the 5K you just had to be fast enough to finish the 10K before the gun went off for the 5K start. So I was getting passed by people who had ALREADY ran a 10K and were finishing a 5K. Talk about disheartening.

It didn't help that it was crowded and the 5Kers were running like they were trying to PR. Hey, I get it, you want to run fast but when you are in the middle of the slow runners and walkers from the 10K try not to knock people out of the way. I was tempted to trip some people because, yep, thank you for bumping into me and then looking at me like it's my fault. I didn't realize this was an Olympic event and you're competing for gold.

The good news is because the 5Kers pissed me off so much I was distracted enough to forget about feeling like crap while I ran.

I finished. It seemed to take forever but was, in fact, pretty much my usual pace for a run. And I felt good! I collected my medal and headed into Cobo to meet up with friends. The ride home was a bit rough. There weren't any salt crews out yet so we passed a few accidents and saw a car spin out in front of us. Luckily, we all made it home safe and sound. And I didn't even feel the need to indulge in an extra slice of pie, even though I earned it.

We're going to run this again next year. And plan on being in the starting corral ON TIME. Also, we might dress up in a group themed costume because that looked like fun.

Official Results
Finish: 1:23:52
Overall: 6849 out of 7318
Age group: 524 out of 582