Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Keeping Hydrated

I'm terrible at remembering to drink water. I don't do very well when I'm working. And I do even worse when I'm at home.

The company I work for gets a delivery of water bottles which is great for people who are OK drinking out of water bottles. I liked to reduce waste a little bit more than that so I bring my own reusable water bottle from home and fill it with tap water.

That's right, I drink the dreaded tap water.

Side note: when did tap water become bad? I mean, I grew up drinking water from the tap. If I was lucky my mom filled a big 2 quart juice pitcher with water and stuck it in the fridge. If I wasn't lucky I drank coldish water from the tap. I understand for people who are drinking well water and stuff, but I get city water. Why do I need a fancy Brita pitcher?

End side note.

I don't mind if my water isn't freezing cold but I like it to have a bit of a chill to it. So if I fill my cup up right when I get into work and stick it in the fridge by the time I'm done with my coffee it is good to go.

That is, of course, if I remember to get it out of the fridge.

Any tips on how to successfully drink enough water?

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  1. I guess I am the opposite. I think it is much easier for me to drink water at home. I drink a glass with every meal and then I am constantly getting more throughout the day. At work I have two bottles that I rotate between the fridge and my desk. I try to finish one before lunch and then get the other (cold) one after lunch. I drink the dreaded tap water too - not sure when that became a "bad thing".