Friday, December 6, 2013

Sign Me Up!

One of my best friends posted on Facebook about how she was looking into getting into running and any advice and tips, etc. I was so excited for her. I don't always LOVE running but I do like it a lot and there are times where I love it. So I'm always excited when other people want to run.

We chatted about it and I signed us up for a 5K in March, the Lucky Dash. The goal is the get her across the finish line. And I will make that happen!

We also set up a running/walking group. It's tough to get together during the week with work and family stuff but weekends are a little more flexible. We're meeting on Saturday or Sunday depending on the day, at a park that has a great walking/running path. It's about midway between the two of us so it works out. I am looking forward to training with someone who is closer to my speed. I've run with my sister a few times but she is MUCH faster than me so it's tough.

March race taken care of! I just need to sign up and run one for this month. There are two on the same day in two weeks. Not sure which one I will run, but either way I running one of them! Back on the running wagon I go!

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