Wednesday, January 15, 2014

At This Time Last Year

January 2013 passed by me in a blur last year. The guys were newborns and sleep wasn't so much something that didn't happen, just something that barely happened. Both of them were on the small side so for the first month of their lives, January 2013, we had a schedule of feeding them every three hours. I would nurse, then they would get supplemented with a bottle then I would pump. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I was up at all hours of the night because of this. The boys would get settled back to sleep and I would head out to the living room and pump while watching something on Starz. I liked the movie channels because then I didn't have to worry about commercials.

The movie of the month or whatever was Sense and Sensibility. I watched it a lot. I have a soft spot for Alan Rickman so you know I loved this scene:

Be still my heart!

It's funny, that was only a year ago. And this year I get up super early, before the guys wake up. I go for a run. I have energy. Being a mom is a tough job, it is no joke. It's hard not to feel guilty when I take time away from the boys on a weekend to do a 5K race or go for a long run. But, I know it helps me physically and mentally. Which helps the whole family!

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  1. Making yourself better is definitely helping the whole family and you are being an excellent role model for the kiddos!!