Saturday, January 18, 2014

Did I Hear a Niner in There? Auto Show Shuffle Race Recap

My alarm went off nice and early for a Saturday.

Somehow, even equipped with GPS and a printed map, I managed to get lost on my way to the race. That takes talent. I ended up parking in a parking structure that was a little further from the race than I would have liked, but ah well.

I was afraid I wouldn't make it to the start line on time but I made it to the Port Authority with plenty of time to spare. Packet pick-up was a breeze, although the were out of t-shirts. I had pre-registered which guaranteed me a shirt. The race officials let us know a shipment of shirts was delayed so they took down bib numbers and names and promised to send them out. 

It was cold and windy and when I left my car the temp was a whopping 12 degrees. I was layered up with thermal underwear and then running pants, running top, running jacket.

The area with packet pick up was large enough for us to hang out before the start which was awesome. At about 7:55 AM the race officials started sending everyone outside. They played the National Anthem and we were off.

I stuck to the back of the pack because I know I am not fast. It was a walk/run so I started with a lot of walkers. For the first half mile I just ran. I figured I would wait until the course cleared up a bit before I started my walk/run. I was running a 1:1 for the first time. Probably not a good idea, but I really didn't want to do 30:30 so I figured I'd give it a whirl.

The Cardio Trainer app was dead on which is great. Now I know hoe accurate it is. And it's a free app!

My 1:1 walk ratio was great. And since I have Cardio Trainer set up to announce every half mile, I felt really good throughout the run. It was nice knowing how much I had left without having to worry about the mile markers.

At mile 2.5 I was at 32 minutes and change. I knew I needed to book it in order to finish under 40 minutes. For the last, maybe two-tenths of a mile I sped up. By then I could see the race clock and it was already over 40 minutes. I knew I didn't start at the gun so it wasn't my time, but it was close. It was such a small race I think I passed the starting line less than a minute after the gun.

I crossed at just under 41 minutes. And then I got my medal and headed into the Port Authority to grab some chocolate milk and a bagel. Official times were posted on the wall and updated every few minutes. By the time I finished my milk my time was up.

I finished in 39:13!!!!

I wanted to finish sub-40 so badly and I was afraid I had missed the mark. I am so damn happy! I didn't kill sub-40 but I still made it. I did kill my PR by a few minutes so that's awesome.

It was a fun, small and cold race. I would recommend it to anyone, no matter the skill level. The course is flat, scenic (a big chunk is run along the Detroit River) and the people running it are friendly. This was only the second year for this race but you wouldn't know it by how well run it is. I will absolutely be doing this one again next year.

And now for some pictures:
Before the start. That's Canada!

People lining up for the start. You know it's cold out when even the crazy runners aren't wearing shorts!

After the race was over. Off in the distance is the Ambassador Bridge.

Race is over. PR complete. I look kinda pissed off. I wasn't, I swear!


  1. WAY TO GO!!!! Congrats on your new PR!!!

  2. YAY! Awesome race recap! Congratulations on the PR! I think it should count double since it was ridiculously cold :P

  3. Congratulations on your PR and for getting out there in this cold and blustery weather.