Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I Think It's Time for a Back-Up Plan

It was too cold to run outside this morning. To give you an idea of how cold it was here is a picture of my dashboard on my way in to work. This is two hours later than when I would have been running.

Yep, that says six degrees Fahrenheit. That's cold.

If it's not warm enough tonight when I get home from work I'm going to cave and get a gym membership. There's an Anytime Fitness somewhat close to me that I'm looking at. It's either that or the YMCA. I like the idea of cross training with some pool work but I have inner ear issues (I have a kink in my ear canal so when I get water in my ear it doesn't come out easily. This leads to ear infections if I'm not careful. And those hurt A LOT!) so I don't think I'll risk it this year.

I'd really like to join a gym that doesn't have a contract so I can just quit when it finally gets nice out. At this rate it feels like it will be cold and miserable until August. 


  1. I hear ya! I feel the same way. I was trying to plan when I'd run on Thursday, before or after work, and I realized that's impossible right now. It could be 20° or -20­° at this rate.

    I think a gym membership is a great idea. I've been loving mine (only got it on the 1st of Jan) for the ellipticals, weights and of course, treadmills when it comes to it.

  2. OMG geez I can't even fathom that cold! Have you tried earplugs or something to keep the water out of your ear while swimming?