Monday, January 6, 2014

Ice, Ice Baby

It is supposed to be ridiculously cold here in my part of town for the next two days. I mean, super cold, like wind chill in the negative 20's kinda thing. I don't know where you're from, but around here that's a big deal.

Some schools have already cancelled school for tomorrow because it's supposed to be too cold for kids to wait outside for buses!

On top of that, we got hit with the Midwest winter storm yesterday and into last night. I'm sure you've heard about it on the news.

So with all that going on, with the snow and the expected chilly weather, I knew I had to get a run in yesterday. It's doubtful I'll be able to run outdoors today or tomorrow so I couldn't go that long without a run!

It actually wasn't that cold. I wore thermal gear under a pair of running pants and a long-sleeved tech shirt. On top of that I had a bright pink fleece (I wanted to make sure I was pretty visible even if it was day time).

By the time I got outside it was almost four and the snow had been coming down on and off all day. It wasn't bad where people had shoveled their sidewalks, but it sucked in areas where people had slacked off were waiting for more snow to fall. I don't have a heart rate monitor (hoping for one for a birthday present. Hubs and I are discussing it) but I'm sure I burned more calories because of the uneven surface. It was a bit like running in sand, except for the cold feet.

Here's my view:
This was a patch of area someone had shoveled. I should send them cookies!
I got back to the house and shoveled snow. Hubs had already shoveled once so it was my turn. The snow really started coming down after that. Once the boys were in bed we ended up out there shoveling for a third time. And when I left for work this morning I dug out the bottom of the driveway once again.

I think my area was hit with almost ten inches of snow. Surprisingly, the roads were pretty good. I am thankful for that!

Now, what to do instead of running? I've got a Jillian Michaels DVD. Or I might check out You Tube. Any suggestions?

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