Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Remember When App Was Short for Appetizer?

I have had my eye on a Garmin Forerunner for some time now. They are expensive as HELL pricey so getting one just isn't in the budget right now. I mean, do my toddlers really need to eat?

Instead of a Garmin I've tried to find a cheaper way to track my miles, my time, etc. I did some research on Android Apps (yep, I am one of those anti iPhone people, which is funny because I enjoy my iPad) and found this article. I just downloaded the Cardio Trainer app. I plan on using it tonight during my run and I'll let you know how it goes.

It's funny, I just realized that I always have my phone on my for runs because A. I use the Pandora app for music and B. It makes me feel safer to have some sort of communication in case of emergency so why the heck am I not using some sort of app to track my mileage and such? Someone mentioned the Nike+ app screwed up certain calculations and made her look faster than she was so I knew I wasn't going that direction.

And really, I usually just set the timer on my phone and then map my run afterwards and calculate my run from that. So as long as this app keeps accurate time it's already a bonus. Because sometimes the timer on my phone SHUTS OFF if I try to do anything else with my phone, like mess with Pandora or check a text message.

For Christmas I got a reflective running vest and some blinking red lights for the backs of my shoes. Makes me feel good knowing I'll be nice and visible tonight. And since it's supposed to be in the DOUBLE DIGITS (finally!) I know I will be nice and warm!

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