Saturday, January 25, 2014

Runs For Cookies Virtual 5k and Then Some

I signed up for the Runs For Cookies Virtual 5k just in case I missed racing this month. I did the Auto Show Shuffle last week, which was fun but cold.

It was still Polar Vortex cold last night which meant I was on day 5 of no running. Not cool. This morning was sunny, not too windy and in the double digits woo hoo.

I did my usual get bundled up routine and headed out. Now I knew this would not be a PR run by any means. There were some pretty big drifts of snow on my route, plus I haven't run since last Sunday. I just wanted to get my 3.1 in and be done.

I started out my run wearing sunglasses. I say this so you know how surprised I was when about a half a mile into my run it looked like this:

What the hell?!?

I kept on keeping on and trudged my way through the race. I finished. And that's all I can say about that.

On a good note, I actually lost weight this week. I dreaded getting on the scale but knew it had to be done. I'm still not even close to the weight I was when I signed up for myfitnesspal (thanks new scale) but I'm getting there.

Here's the little screen from my Cardio Trainer app. It wasn't a pretty race, but it was a finished race! (I just noticed my miles logged on this equal a marathon. That's pretty cool!)
I have no idea how to take a screenshot with my phone so this will have to do. Technology, you allude me!

And this is my lovely morning coffee mug:

I'm switching things up and running a half at the start of April. Not sure if I can handle another one at the end of April. Anyone else run two so close together? Is it possible?

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  1. WOW...that is ton of snow! I have said all of January if it is going to be this cold, we need snow! :) But in Bama it is such a rarity, that I could not imagine having that much.

    Good job getting your run in, and congrats on your loss!