Monday, January 20, 2014

Sunday Views

I went back and forth about running on Sunday. I usually take it easy on Saturday and then run my long run on Sunday. Well, with the 5K on Saturday that kinda threw things off. I still wanted to get some mileage in on Sunday. I think my week goes better if I start off with a few miles under my belt.

I waited until mid-afternoon. We did some house cleaning and grocery shopping and playing with the guys. Plus I had to take the dog to get her nails trimmed. I have been a bad dog owner on that front!

By the time all the odds and ends of surviving twin life our weekend chores were done it was after 3:00PM. I got all winter geared up and headed out. It was 22 out, so compared to the day before, it was WARM. I joke, it was still cold. I ran most of my run in the streets because stupid jerkfaces some people didn't shovel their walks. Our last snowfall was about a week ago so I was not impressed. Shovel your walks, people! Do it for the runners and dog walkers and people with strollers and people on bikes. It's not that hard! PSA finished.

Because of the condition of the sidewalks and because of my tired legs it wasn't a very fast run. And for some reason Cardio Trainer has stopped announcing every half mile. I'll have to play around with it and see if I can fix that because I do enjoy knowing where I'm at without having to look at my phone.

Just as I was almost home I passed this:
This is a Little Free Library. I've read about them and there was one in our neighborhood over the summer. Basically it's a nice little box where one can borrow a book. Take a book and leave a book. Check out the link if you want more information. I have a few books lying around the house. Maybe I'll grab one and run with it for a bit (this is only a few blocks from my house) and drop it off. And then on my way back I can borrow a book! Fun!

I have my usual running plan set up for this week. I've got a 6.5 mile long run set up for Sunday. Just a little over two months until my first half of the year. I am very excited to try for multiple half-marathons this year. Usually I run one in the fall so I don't have a reason to really train during the winter months. Not this year!


  1. Oh my, the Little Free Library is such a cute idea!

  2. Oh that is an adorable idea! Love that! Sounds like you have an excellent running plan in place this week!