Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The World's Smallest Violin Playing the World's Saddest Song

You know that sad trumpet sound that waa-waa noise that's played when things go wrong or don't work out for the main t.v. character? That music sounded when I checked my mailbox last night and found it contained a bill, an advertisement for a chiropractor and some coupons. Know what wasn't in the mailbox? My gym access card.

Schools are getting closed here left and right because of the snow and the cold. I don't have kids in school yet so this doesn't really affect me. Except, I have a friend on the good ole FB who made a snide comment about how terrible Michigan schools are and how they let little things like snow and cold affect them. She's in Montana (but a Michigan transport) so I know she gets a lot more cold and snow than us but still. I couldn't help but comment something like this:

"I'm sure the government cuts, the complete change in graduation requirements, the increase in class size, the lack of funding for arts and music, the lack of home support, the poverty level, etc are the reason why Michigan schools are struggling. A few extra cold or snow days aren't really the problem!"

Come on, people. This is the worst winter in DECADES. People my age are all "when we were in school we never had this many snow days!" and I want to say "Really? Are you sure about that? Because I don't remember elementary school that well but I know we had snow days so QUIT YOUR BITCHING!"

End rant.

I'm trying to not be that person who bitches and moans about the weather. I know we live in a state that gets winter and ice and cold. I know that. We also get lovely springs and summer and fall unlike some states (I'm looking at you, Florida) so there are upsides to living here. It's just, right now, at this moment, I don't want to wear fifteen layers to go for a run. I don't want to stutter step over icy patches or high step through drifts of snow (SHOVEL YOUR WALKS, ASSHOLES!) or worry about it being just too darn cold to run. I've got plans. I need to move. I NEED TO RUN!

This would be easier if I wanted to stay fluffy and slovenly. I could just eat carbs all winter and watch re-runs of Top Chef. I could hibernate, like a bear. Of course, I would weigh as much as a bear and be unhappy so that's not going to happen.

I'm giving myself this post. This is my last whining post. I will not complain about the weather. I will not complain about the cold. And hopefully, fingers and toes crossed, I will have access to a treadmill and I can stop complaining about not being able to move!

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  1. I am originally from MI. I am fairly sure that I use to live near you based an a pic you posted in a previous post. Let me just reasure you that people in Michigan do not freak out about snow as much as people in North Carolina. My children's schools closed today on the possibility of snow. Plus they have closed 2xs this winter because it got below 20 degrees. Weather/hot/cold is all relative.