Friday, January 24, 2014

This is What Happens When I Don't Run For a Week

I have been a sloth all week.


I blame the cold. (Although the above pictured sloth looks quite toasty)

Because I have been a sloth all week, I have been eating like a bear (you like those animal references?) with access to a McDonald's drive-thru. It is bad, bad, bad. I know we all have bad weeks and that's what I'm chalking this one up to. This has been a bad week.

Thank goodness my gym membership should come in the mail today. I need the swift kick in the pants a run will provide.

I also need to stop eating my weight in french fries.

I have my weekly weigh-in tomorrow and I know it won't be pretty.

So, I'll move on. Next week will be better.


  1. Yes! Next week will be better!

  2. Sounds like it's been a rough week all around. Thankfully it's the end of the week, which means a whole new fresh start is right around the corner! Next week you're gonna kill it!