Sunday, January 26, 2014

Working Out

No run today. You know how I ran in a blizzard yesterday? Well that was HARD work. And today was a six mile run day. Ha! I would have been out in the cold and snow for well over an hour and a half and that's just silly and not very safe for me.

Today I did my usual heavy cleaning. Sunday is a great cleaning day. I get the guys down for a nap, then Hubs and I clean away. Somehow, It's my job to clean the bathroom. I don't normally mind, but today I pondered this. How do I end up being the one to clean the toilet when I know I'm not the one who splashes when they pee? And in a few years I'll be cleaning up after THREE guys who splash. Not very fair!

Side track, sorry.

After the cleaning, we both shoveled snow. And then my in laws came over. And while they were over I headed into the basement to find a cardio video on YouTube. I really wanted a Zumba-like workout video, with a mix of Latin and hip hop but couldn't find one. I ended up with this one by Tracey Mallet. It was a good one and it kicked my butt. It wasn't quite what I was looking for, so if you've got any suggestions, let me know.

I'm a pretty decent runner. Not fast, but once I get in the zone I can go for awhile. But, for some reason I feel way more out of shape when I do workout videos. Don't even get me started on Jillian Michaels. She whoops my ass everytime!

Hopefully my gym pass will show up tomorrow and I can get an indoor run in. Because the Polar Vortex is sticking around. It's supposed to be -1 tomorrow. Damn.

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  1. Your side track tickled me. :)
    Last night I did a two hour zumba masters class and it kicked my butt! Between that and the run yesterday, my legs are so sore today. I managed an hour on the bike today broken into two workouts.
    Try to stay warm!