Tuesday, February 18, 2014


A few years ago my sister and her husband, at the time her boyfriend, were driving home from dinner one evening. It was February, so it was cold out, but not snowy. As they're driving she sees a runner up ahead of them and says to her boyfriend, "What kind of asshole runs in shorts in this weather?"

That asshole was my husband. He's my sister's husband's best friend, so as soon as they got close enough they realized it was him. And the laughed their butts off.

I had that story in my head this morning when I layered up, geared up and headed out to run in the snow. Not just any snow, in the four inches of freshly fallen snow.

What kind of asshole runs in this weather?


You will not beat me, Winter.

My tracks weren't the only ones out there. They were the freshest but they were not alone.


  1. And I bet you felt bad a$$ when you finished! Go you!

  2. Nice work getting out in this crud!