Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Light Up the Night

It wasn't windy or snowy of below zero last night so I ran outside.

Running outside is a million, billion, trillion times better than running on the treadmill. It's so darn freeing!

My neighborhood is plowed AND relatively well-lit so the run went well. I wore my reflective vest and ran with only one earbud in (although I run with only one in when I'm running outdoors whether it's day or night). The sidewalks were kinda crappy and icy, but the streets were plowed and barren so street running it was.

Again, this is a subdivision so when cars showed up, it was easy for me to get out of their way. And there weren't that many cars cruising around at 8PM.

That steamy cloud is not a ghost, it's my breath.
 The sidewalks weren't cleared, exactly, but the snow was packed down enough that I could run on it without worrying about ice. Packed snow is way better than ice! (Just in case you didn't know that)

My goal was three miles. I ran away from my house, in and out of the streets, until my Map My Run app (yep trying something new) announced I was at three miles. Then I ran back home via direct route. I ended up going 3.58. I had to take a call from my dad when I first left the house so I walked while we talked. That threw off my splits, but I'm in this for distance not speed so it didn't bother me much.

We're expecting 3-6 inches of snow tonight. I would complain about it, but I'm past that point. If it's not too crappy out I will run outside. If it's super crappy it looks like I'll be on the treadmill watching "Scored". It's a documentary about how much money NCAA sports make and how much money NCAA players make (zero dollars). So far it's pretty interesting.

I like to watch documentaries while on the treadmill because other people can see my iPad and some of the shows I watch (Game of Thrones I am talking to you!) like to throw in random nudity when they switch from one scene to another. No one needs to see that!

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  1. Oh gosh, I feel for ya with all that snow! Sending a snow plow ASAP.

    Laughing at the snow breath ghost!