Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rest Days Suck

For some reason I eat my worst on rest days. It's like I know I won't be burning any extra calories so I need to eat extra calories to make up for it. I have no idea what my mindset is with that or why it happens. It sucks.

I did really well with my usual work breakfast and lunch. But then we got sent home early because the roads were craptastic around here. On my way home I picked up McDonald's for Hubs. Even though I had already had my lunch I got some McDonald's for me. No, Meg, no!

And I ended up snacking on some cereal after dinner. Thankfully, I got ahold of myself before it was too late. I went to bed super early thinking I would get up super early and go to the gym this morning instead of tonight.

Nope. That alarm went off and I laughed at it. No, thank you. It's funny because I used to like running in the morning. Maybe I just like running outside in the morning. Either way, it'll be me and the treadmill tonight. Wish us luck!

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