Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Moon and More

God I love a morning run.

I don't exactly love getting up that early. Ok, I don't love it at all. But, I love how I feel when I'm done running. And I'll love it tonight when I get home and know I have the whole evening to hang out with the boys and catch up on my DVR cuddle with my husband.

I passed a few other crazy people runners while I was out and about. And I was feeling pretty darn good so I settled in and ran 3.2 miles. Man, it feels good knowing I can say "oh yeah I ran three miles today easy peasy". I know that's the point of getting miles under your belt, getting your body used to the running and well trained. It's just fun when the training actually pays off.

It was just the moon, me and this other star...Venus? Ha! It is Venus, I just did a quick Google search and found out. It was just the moon, Venus and I. Not bad company for a morning run.

The sliver of moon and Venus


  1. Great work. I love when I can say things like, 'a quick, easy 3 miler' too! It's so rewarding to know what I used to think was so hard, is now my 'easy' day.

    That picture is really awesome!

  2. Yay! That is awesome to say isn't it? I wish I had your resolve. I haven't been able to drag myself out of bed for an early morning run yet. Major props!

  3. Lovely pic of Venus there! You need a stargazing app on your cell that you just point at the constellation and it tells you what stars/planets they are!