Friday, February 7, 2014

This Is Not a Race

I have four older brothers and one younger sister. If you are an only child you're probably thinking "damn, that's a lot of siblings!". And if you have siblings you know what I'm talking about when I tell you I am competitive.


I grew up competing against my siblings over all manner of stupid things. For example, we had an ongoing winter contest called Backyard Laps. We would take turns running laps in the backyard, THROUGH THE SNOW, without shoes (socks were allowed) (not that they made a difference). Whoever ran the most laps won.

How I still have all of my toes, I do not know.

I have had to tone it down over the years. No one wants to play cards with someone who throws the poker chips at them. No one wants to play a game with a sore loser. I am a much better competitor than I was ten years ago, let me tell you.

Last night was a treadmill night. I set up my iPad with "Schooled: The Price of College Sports" and started running. Shortly after I started, a woman started running on the treadmill next to me.

 (Please note: I am not a treadmill hog. I am very aware of how annoying it is when someone stays on a treadmill forever when you are waiting for one. I go to the gym after my sons are asleep so by then it's pretty quiet. And I don't go for long runs unless there are other treadmills available, which there were.)

We ran pretty close to the same pace for a while until I started taking walk breaks. However, after about twenty-five minutes she was done with her workout and left the treadmill while I powered on. And my inner competitor was all "hell yeah, you kicked her ass!".

Apparently, I still need more work.

I finished a nice four mile run on the treadmill. It wasn't my best time and it wasn't my worst. I don't know if I would watch another documentary or a more engrossing show next time. The documentary was good, but I definitely found my mind wandering to "ow my legs hurt" and "am I done yet?".

Any shows I should watch on Netflix? Is "Orange Is the New Black" gym friendly? I don't want to be watching it and have raunchy sex scenes pop-up. I've heard it's a good show.


  1. I am totally that person. In my head, i'm racing anyone on a treadmill near me. I watch a bunch of different things on Netflix while I run, what kind of shows are you into? I've also found Movies can be good, especially if they've got good soundtracks!

  2. I've been there too, racing someone when they don't know it's a race. ;) Haha.

    Have you ever watch Psych? It's on Netflix and it's hilarious. There aren't any inappropriate scenes, so you'd be safe.