Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Replay

Hubs and I don't go out on Valentine's Day. He has hockey on Friday nights and even if Valentine's Day didn't fall on a Friday we don't want to spend our rare date nights at over crowded restaurants.

Friday night he went to hockey and I stayed home. I had already run Friday morning so I was tired by about 9:30 PM. That's ok, Saturday is my morning to get up early with the boys. Saturday was a busy day. I took the boys to see my Dad and his wife. She fell and broke her hip a few weeks ago so she's in a super fancy nursing home. The boys did really well, although I did get my first parental reprimand from a random stranger. He was mad I was letting my kid crawl around on a germ-laden floor. Well, thanks for the advice, jerk!

Saturday night I went to see Billy Joel in concert with my mom and sister. He was spectacular! I grew up listening to Billy Joel so it was great to see him in concert. And he sounded so damn good! I was afraid he would sound old, but not at all. I loved it!

Unfortunately, between the visit and the concert I forgot to log into My Fitness Pal so I there goes my streak. Ah well.

The good news is when I weighed myself on Sunday I was down 1.6 pounds so that just rocks! I've been tracking my weight since January 12, so after one month I am officially down ten pounds! I get so mad at myself when I weigh myself and the pounds don't just fall off. But, this is great. Ten pounds in one month works for m!

And then on Sunday I ran on the treadmill, 7.1 miles. Treadmill running, le sigh. I watched Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters because I love me some Jeremy Renner. It was decent and kept me focused. There was some unexpected nudity, but it was brief and there was no one around me so I wasn't THAT embarrassed.

I feel good. This past week was good. I felt good about my diet and my exercise. I have my meal plan all set for this week and grocery shopped last night. Bring it on!


  1. You are doing great! and it sounds like a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Great loss this week but sorry about MFP streak. I got to over 365+ and then had a brain fart or something and lost it one day. So mad, and then you know just yesterday I bombed out again with my mile challenge. /sigh

    Jeremy Renner is hawt so you have justification on the unexpected nudity part. :)