Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Warrior

I really, really, really wanted to run five days this past week. Somehow time got away from me on Friday. And I didn't want to run on Saturday since I had a long run scheduled for Sunday. Ah well, four days is OK, right?

I'm feeling well-trained for my half. It's a little over a month away and I'm already racking up the miles. But not too many miles...I don't want to over train!

I had a nice Me Day on Saturday. I took my boys to see my Dad and his wife at her rehabilitation home. She fell and broke her hip a few weeks ago. The boys get plenty of attention there. Older people, shoot most people, love the twins!

Afterwards, after lunch and the boys got settled down for their naps, I got my haircut. I absolutely adore the cut! Of course it doesn't look as good as it did when she blew it out, but I figure I can schedule a blow out if I really need a style boost!

Sunday was a full day for us! Hubs and I went to breakfast with the guys. Then I hung out at home with them while he went grocery shopping. I had eight miles on the schedule and knew I was cutting it close on time so while Hubs shopped I packed the boys up and took them for a run.

Because I had the boys in their stroller I had to run on the sidewalk. Normally I run in the street, my very quiet subdivision street, which is pretty much cleared and salted and easy to run on. The sidewalks were complete crap. There were driveways where, I swear, people had simply given up on shoveling and just driven over the snow over and over until it was nothing but a pitted and bumpy field of ice. People like that bug the crap out of me!
The run took forever. I threw in the towel at 1.5 miles. By then, Hubs was home from shopping and the little guys' cheeks were getting a little cold, so I headed home with them.

By the time I got home with them they looked like this:
All that running with Mom really wears a guy out!
They got some Vitamin D while we unloaded the groceries. They woke up in time for some lunch so I hung out for lunch. Once they were done and settled I headed back out to try to get some mileage under my belt. Unfortunately, I didn't have a ton of time, an hour, maybe an hour and a half. I felt pressed for time which means I ran faster than I should have for a long, easy run. Ah well.

I ended up getting seven miles in, including the 1.5 miles I ran with the boys. I was happy with the mileage but a little worn out. In fact, for the first time, my knees really bothered me. Thank goodness I've got a nice rest day today.

I celebrated by eating four Thin Mints. That's right, I checked out the serving size (four cookies) and had those cookies with a little bit of milk. Figure it's almost as good as just having chocolate milk, right? They were delicious! And I'm super proud of myself for not sitting there and mindlessly eating a whole box.

I didn't lose any weight this week. I also didn't gain any weight. I stopped drinking pop (soda if you aren't from the Midwest) last week. I haven't really craved it or anything. I'm hoping that will help make a difference. I know a lot of people have said that even drinking diet pop/soda can affect your weight so we'll see.

All in all, it was a great weekend and a pretty good week. How about you?

p.s. I am super, super, insanely jealous of all the ladies who ran Princess this weekend. If you were one of them, good for you. Hope you enjoyed the warmth!


  1. omg I'm love with those chubby cheeks!!!

  2. Four days is better than alright, it's awesome! Honestly, my training plan only has four days of running on it. I really need the days off in between the runs. Major props to you for heading back out after the first run! Also, that 1.5 miles pushing the stroller should count double ;)

  3. great job on the Thin're a better woman than I am.

    as for your group run - just take a breath and enjoy it. Don't fret about your pace. You wouldn't have been invited to run with the group if they didn't want you to join them.

  4. Oh man, they're adorable!

    Great job getting your miles in even with the time constraints. You're going to kill you HALF! Which one are you doing??

  5. Aww they are so cute! Excellent job keeping yourself in check with Girl Scout cookies around!