Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Well Isn't That Special

You know it's been a brutal winter when you CELEBRATE temps hitting the mid-thirties.

 You know it's been a brutal winter when you see it's going to be 35 degrees out and say, screw it and go without tights under your dress. (For the record, my black tights have a giant runner in the leg and I haven't replaced them so it was no tights or a different outfit)

You know it's been a brutal winter when you see puddles outside and it makes you HAPPY!

You know it's been a brutal winter when you go out for your morning run and you're happy that you only have to wear ONE pair of pants.

Can you tell it's been a brutal winter in these parts?

I'm looking forward to soaking wet feet because I'm running in puddles. I'm looking forward to sunshine. Shoot, I'm looking forward to rain.

Yesterday morning we had all that fresh snow that I ran in anyway because, eh, why not. Today, the road's were clear and I ran with glee. Yesterday it took me almost 45 minutes to run two miles. Today, I ran over three miles in less than 45 minutes. Gotta love cleared sidewalks.

Of course, just because I was flying high on a good run and had some good tunes going (Hello N'Sync "I Want You Back") something had to bring me back down to Earth. Once again, as I was walking at the end of my cooldown, I bit it on a patch of ice. I thank my lucky stars, AGAIN, that I wasn't running and that I wasn't hurt. I was also only two houses away from my own house so had I been hurt I was near home.

Man, Winter, I get it, you're a beast. Now, go away!

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  1. I totally hear you on the one pair of pants dance.

    Sorry about the ice. I've come close the last two days, but have managed not to totally biff it.