Thursday, March 27, 2014

90 Days 'Til Summer Challenge

I'm six days behind on this, but I wanted to join Jess, Marcy and Val for this challenge.

You women, you brave women, who took pictures of yourself in bathing suits and then posted them for all the world to see...I bow down to you. I am not that brave. I took the pictures for my own personal use and will take another set in 90 days and see if there's a difference.

Let me rephrase that. I will take another set in 90 days and THERE WILL BE A DIFFERENCE.

My plan is to keep up with my running. I don't have to put in the mileage like I have been because of my half marathons being over. But, I'll run and work on my speed work. And I think I'll join a Zumba class. And I'll add on to my twice a week strength training. Make it three times a week!

I can do it!

On the running front, I didn't get a run in this morning. The boys had their 15 month Well Child visit this morning so I slept in (funny how sleeping in until 7:45AM is sleeping in) and got up when they did. I have to work tomorrow, at my usual time, so I'll get up early and got for a four mile run. Why four miles? Because if I run four miles this will be the first week where I break the Twenty Weekly Miles mark. Which seems pretty awesome to me!

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