Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Do You Believe in Life After Love?

Hubs didn't have to get up at the ass crack of dawn work this morning so I wasn't as invested in getting out the door for my run super early. Took me a good fifteen minutes to get from bed to the sidewalk, which is slow for me. I made up for it with a nice 3.4 mile run. After the first half mile I was really into it. I'm glad I got out of bed. I almost had myself talked into staying asleep and going for an evening run. HA! I would've ended up making excuses why I couldn't run tonight. 

This is a multi-media kind of post so I'm going to break it down for you.

 Has anyone else checked out the new show on NBC called Believe? I watched the pilot yesterday while I did a nice weight workout. Gotta love a rest day from running, huh?

The pilot was good. Lots of action. A little predictable but also clever. I enjoyed the banter between the young girl and the lead guy. Honestly, it had the kind of energy I wish Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had. I had such high hopes for that show and it just let me down.

But, this show was enjoyable and worth checking out if you've got some room on your DVR.

 And Hubs and I are going to see Grand Budapest Hotel this Saturday as part of his birthday celebration. I love Wes Anderson. In fact, I would say The Royal Tenenbaums is tied with Serenity as my favorite movie. Anyone see it yet? Is it good?

I just found out the third book in Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles, Cress,  is out which makes me happy. I'm into post-apocalyptic young adult fiction so this is right in my wheelhouse.  This series is a bit of a play on fairy tales. It's interesting and if you're into The Hunger Games, Divergent, etc. you might enjoy this trilogy. Speaking of that, why are books all trilogies these days? Just like, why does the last movie based on a series of books have to be separated into two parts? Stupid money making ideas.

What are you reading? Any suggestions on good books?

OK, I think I'm a bit behind on this but I simply love Bastille's Pompei. The beat is awesome, it makes me happy. I just did a little research on the group and they're British which makes them even cooler. I need to get their CD so I can add them to my playlists.

Any other tunes I need to get behind? I listen to a lot of NPR or books on CD on my commutes so I tend to be behind the times when it comes to current popular music.


  1. If you like those books, definitely check out the matched series!

  2. OH I am DYING to see The Grand Budapest Hotel! Wes Anderson and Ralph Fiennes! I die! I can't wait to know how you like it!

    May check out Believe. What date/time is it on? I am so utterly behind on my reading that it's not even funny. I'm STILL trying to get through Doctor Sleep but kinda hard to read when you haven't picked up your kindle in 3 months. Ugh. I go through spurts with reading, I just need to do it.

    I looooooove Pompeii (the song.. wouldn't want that sentence confused with the actual volcano disaster and that awful movie - well speculating that it was an awful movie. I digress..). I'm also behind the times, but I can't get enough of just about anything by Fitz and the Tantrums! Loooove!

  3. Pompeii is now my go to song for when I need to get myself psyched about running. I'm going to hold out on watching Believe, Fox has burned me too many times by killing off a good series before it really got going.

  4. Do you use Spotify? I listen to their "Top 100 Pop Songs" list occasionally at work to find songs to add to my workout playlist. They keep it updated to reflect what people are listening to most. Otherwise I'd be lost as far as musical trends go (I'm an NPR girl too).