Friday, March 14, 2014

I Did It I Did It Guess What I've Done

For a hot minute or two I didn't think I'd be able to register for The Cocoa Classic Half Marathon on April 6th. Funds were tight and the cost is no joke; although the cost does include a hooded zip-up sweatshirt, a knit cap, a travel mug and chocolate at the finish line.

Photo courtesy of Cocoa Classic

But, I did it. I registered. So, yep, looks like I'm running a half marathon on April 6th. This will be the first ever half I have trained for through the winter so we'll see how that goes. My current PR is somewhere around 2:51. And last September when I ran one while seriously under trained I finished in 3:15. My goal is under three hours. And if I happen to go under 2:51, that would also be awesome.

Mostly, I just want to finish strong knowing I have actually trained for this one. Training is key. And knowing that my legs can do this is half the battle.

Speaking of training...somehow I screwed up my plan so I am a week ahead of schedule. I will turn to you all for advice. I'm running twelve miles this Sunday. Then next week I taper, then the week after that is the race. Except, somehow I messed it up and the actual race is THREE weeks away, not two. So, what do I do? Shorter distance this week and then long run next week and then taper and then race? Do my long run this week, then somewhat shorter run next week, then taper then race? Any thoughts?

The weather is supposed to be nice today and tomorrow, kinda crappy Sunday and Monday, then head back into nice for the rest of the week. Let's hope it stays that way!


  1. That race looks awesome! If I was closer, I would totally sign up!

    I would say do a moderate run this week and then do the 12 next week. But that's just one person's opinion :)

  2. I agree, moderate run this week, longer run next week, then taper. That way you don't draw out the taper too much. However, I would take my advice with a huge handful of salt, seeing as I haven't run a half yet (first one is coming up in april!)

  3. I'm no expert, but I agree with the others. Consider this week a "step back" week, do the 12 next week, then taper.