Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lucky Dash 5K Race Recap

Happy St. Practice Day!

That's what my friend calls parades that happen the weekend before St. Patty's Day. It's a chance for all the amateurs to get their drink on and warm up their livers. Technically, St. Practice Day is tomorrow. That's the big Detroit parade through Corktown that involves lots and lots of drinking. I had no idea people did this until a few years ago. Apparently, it's a thing.

And back to the race recap.

Packet pick up was a breeze. I picked up packets for me and my two friends the night before since I live closest to the race location. The race started at 10:45 AM which was another check in the Awesome Column. My friends, K and V met up at my house at 9:30 since we were planning on bringing the kids, K's son and my boys. I figured this would give us extra time to load them up and unload them.

Parking was easy peasy and because the parade was immediately following the race parking was also FREE courtesy of the parade. Second check in the Awesome Column.

It was a pretty small crowd, 275 or so people. I'm not good at estimating that. Decent turnout even though it was overcast, slightly breezy and a balmy 32 at the start of the race. I briefly doubted having the boys there. I was afraid they would get too cold since we would be running into the wind for half the race. They wore their snowsuits, were bundled under blankets and had their hats on so they were fine. Prior to the race we found a nice alcove to stick them in, out of the wind.

The boys before the race. They actually ended up falling asleep halfway through the race.

The race started right on time. And here's where it went downhill. Not because of the people running the race or anything like that, but for my friend.

K was fine, and she was the one I worried about. She's had some health issues and back pain. It was V who ended up suffering. V, who signed up with is back in January and then simply did not train. After a half mile, when everyone was far in front of us and the follow car was right behind us, V started to cry.

She was so mad at herself for being under trained. She berated herself for her calves hurting and for being overweight. K and I comforted her the best we could. We offered to quit.

She refused. She was going to finish!

The good news is we were walking on a parade route so the road's were closed until after the parade. We didn't have to worry about getting swept.

Our mantra for the remainder of the race was "DAL (Dead Ass Last) is better than DNS!".

She struggled. We cheered her on. It was the slowest 5K I have ever walked. 

But, she finished.

And because I know it shouldn't matter, but also know that it DOES matter, at the very end I yelled at her to push it, to run across that finish line. And she and K hustled their asses the last tenth of a mile. They crossed just ahead of me. 

Which meant I officially had my first DAL finish. And I'm damn proud of that one.

Me and the Guys.

Every single person involved in the race was awesome! The cop who followed us the first half never really pressured us to go any faster. The volunteers at the turnarounds clapped and cheered even though we were clearly bringing up the rear. And the two guys handing out water bottles at the end were awesome and clapped for us. Third, fourth and fifth checks in the Awesome Column. Are you sensing a trend?

I will definitely run this race again next year. It was 23.00 to register and that included the processing fee. T-shirts are good, grey with the logo and that's it. Not covered in sponsors. And like I said before, everyone was awesome and supportive. A great race!

The good news is this didn't get V too down on herself. In fact, she was more inspired to do this again. Next race we all train together. Couch to 5K here we come!

V, me and K. I almost didn't post this one because my face looks so round. Then I said, "Screw it!" and posted it anyway. It's not about my round face, it's about the happiness of V's face!


  1. Great job! Also, tell your friend congrats on finishing what she started!!!! Definitely training together is a great idea. I did the C25K with 2 of my friends (we ran 2 days a week on our own and one day together) and now we're all running like crazy!

  2. As a seasoned pro at coming in DAL, seriously great job to your friends there. They didn't give up and I'm THRILLED that you stuck it out with them and the show of support that they got. That is really awesome. I'm glad you are going to do the C25K with them too!

  3. Wooo! That first race is always a killer, even if you train for it, you really don't know what it's like to run a race till you do it. Serious virtual high five to your friend for toughing it out! It sounds like it was a positive experience for everyone after all was said and done. Side note: how amazing is it that you finished a race pushing twins?!