Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ogres Have Layers, Onions Have Layers

After I got back from my quick run (Seriously, being pressed for time for my runs has made me a speed demon. Who knew?) I pulled off my multiple layers of clothing and inwardly and perhaps outwardly sighed.

This is the process it takes to get me out of the door for a cold morning run:

1. Three sports bras (This is my own fault. I need to just invest in one really good one. I have one really good one that is two sizes two small and two years too old. The other two make up for the lack of support from the one.)

2. Columbia Base layer shirt and pants

This isn't the exact brand I use. I got mine from Cabela's two years ago just before Hubs and I went on our honeymoon. We had lots of hiking planned in Yosemite. Funny enough, it was almost too warm for base layers.

3. REI pants (These are old. Like six or seven years old. Man, I should probably invest in an updated pair, huh?)

4. Smartwool Socks.

5. Neon shirt from Target
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 6. Running Jacket from Target

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7. Buff I got for participating in the Detroit Women's Half Marathon
8. Hat from Super 5K that I DNSed but who cares it keeps my head warm.

I put all of that crap on before I even walk out the door. It takes me about ten minutes to get dressed. It maybe takes a little longer because I am also half asleep while I get dressed. Either way, it's a ton of crap and it needs to go away. I'm not going to know what to do with myself when I can finally run in, dare I say it, CAPRIS!!!!

I wash my kit (man, I love me some British sayings) every other day. I know, gross, I run in dirty clothes. But, Mama can't afford multiple pairs of long johns and pants. That's the other thing. Come warm weather I am set! I have drawers full of capris and shorts and short-sleeve tech shirts. I'll be able to go a whole week without repeating a running outfit! Until then I will run in my dirty clothes. Judge me, I don't care.

At least I'm running, right?

What's your heading out the door for a run routine?


  1. I've finally caved the past couple of days and been using my friend's treadmill. I'm so tired of having to put on layer upon layer of clothes. My two staples for outdoor running right now though are by buff and my puffy vest. I find that as long as my core is warm with the vest, then I'm good to go. But bring on capris weather!

  2. My routine sounds a lot like yours, including occasionally wearing some dirty stuff!!! LOL It's just going to get more sweat on it, right?

    I can't wait to throw on a single layer and walk out the door either!

  3. Yeah that sounds about right >.< Which is part of why I end up on the treadmill more often than not...that and the dark. Hurry up spring!