Monday, March 3, 2014

Saturday in the Park

This was one of those weekends where I continuously patted myself on the back for thinking ahead.

I woke up Sunday morning, the normal day for my long runs, and saw that we didn't get the predicted two to four inches of snow.

Oh no, we got six inches of snow!

And I had no run scheduled because I planned ahead and ran on Saturday.

High five to myself.

My long run was pretty good. I say this because the first half of my route I ran in a busier section of subdivision. Too busy for me to run in the street. Which meant I did a lot of shuffle steps over icy patches because stupid jerkfaces never shoveled their sidewalks so the snow packed down and packed down until it was a flippin' six inch thick sheet of ice and that bugged the hell out of me. What do you mean "you can tell?".

Luckily, the second half was better. I had planned an out and back for the first half with a stop at my house if needed. I didn't want to stop at the halfway point. My legs felt good. I had water. And I didn't need to potty. So, I kept going.

The last five miles I ran through my regular sub with it's slow moving streets and ice-free pathways. What a treat!

Part of my run takes me along the backside of our zoo. I got to see some camels just chilling out in the snow. Of course, when I went to take a picture of them my phone died. Apparently, one cannot run the Pandora app and the Map My Run app for over two hours and expect their phone to remain fully charged. Looks like an iPod Shuffle is in my future.

Overall, like I said, it was a decent run. I'm just ready for this crap to be melted so I can enjoy runs without planning around icy spots.

Instead of running on Sunday I spent the day cleaning the house. Then Hubs and I went out for a late lunch/early dinner while his parents stayed with the Guys. We went to Outback because we had a gift certificate. I don't ever want to feel like I can't eat something because I am on a diet. That's not the kind of lifestyle I want to lead. I didn't exactly indulge, but I did have some things I don't normally eat, like part of a blooming onion and dessert.

We got home, bathed the Guys and put them to bed. Hubs watched hockey upstairs and I watched the Oscars in the basement and did a strength workout. We have a weight bench in the basement but it's in the laundry room, not in front of the t.v. Hubs is taking it apart tonight and putting it in the t.v. room so I can have access to even more weights while I watch t.v.. What a guy!

That's my weekend. There was running. There was plenty of time with my sons. There was plenty of time with Hubs. Pretty much perfection.


  1. Wow! 10 miles!! Great job. Way to get out there and get it done. :)

    My very first double digit run is in TWO weeks. Eekkk...

  2. Look at you getting your balance on!

  3. Wow excellent job getting it done! It does sound like the perfect weekend!