Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday in the Park With George

Had an excellent weekend. Saturday Hubs had to work so I took the Guys and met up with a friend at the mall. We walked around for a bit then let the kids go wild at the indoor germ gym play place. This was a first for me. It was tough keeping an eye on both boys. They had so much fun it was worth it. I tried not to let the kid with the goopy, runny nose and hacking couch get the germophobe in me going. They need to build up an immunity to this crap, right?

I went with the suggestions from everyone, as it made sense, and only ran seven miles on Sunday. So thanks for the advice!

Ha, only ran seven miles. Makes me feel like a bad ass saying that.

Next Sunday is a 14 miler. Apparently, I read my training plan wrong on all sorts of levels. Ah well. 
It was cold today. Mother Nature is just effing with us at this point. I had to wear layers. You know how you're supposed to practice your long runs in the outfit you expect to wear for your race? How can that happen if I'm still wearing two pairs of pants?!?

You can tell it was cold because the one of the "lakes" froze over.

Seriously, Spring, you can show up any time now!

Here are my splits:

I tried a new route. Not normally a big deal except this new route had a sidewalk...that was still covered in snow. Come on, now! The first slow split at mile three came from a super bumpy sidewalk with lots of ice patches. And the other slow mile, five and six, happened because of the whole no sidewalk thing. I had to mostly walk run on frozen, pitted grass. Thank goodness I didn't twist an ankle!

All in all, a good run and a great weekend. How about you?


  1. Nice 7 miles! You and I are so similar in pace, we definitely need to run together something!!!

    I can't believe you're doing FOURTEEN miles next week! That's crazy. I guess you'll know for sure that you can complete your half after that run. :)

  2. Way to stay safe on that run! We were still a bit icy on Sunday, so I had to make my long run on a treadmill which is about as fun as it sounds....Kudos to you!