Monday, March 10, 2014

You Spin Me Right Round

My Sunday run was glorious.

I didn't run on Saturday, we walked the 5K, so I wanted to get a solid run in on Sunday. I had four miles on the schedule and by George, I was going to run those four miles.

At first I was going to bring the Guys, but it wasn't that warm out. Plus, when I run with the guys I have to run on the sidewalk which would've meant dodging puddles and patches of ice from assholes who didn't shovel their sidewalks all effing winter.

Once nap time rolled around I suited up. I wore two pairs of pants because my legs have been getting cold pretty easily and it was windy out, and just a regular running top and my jacket. I had my hat and gloves and took them on and off throughout the run. There were a couple of windy patches where it helped to have my ears covered!

During my four mile loop I passed this guy:
Oh, Alice the Camel has two humps!
 It's a badpicture because I didn't want to climb into the snow to get a better one. That's a camel. My route took me along the back of the zoo and this time I had enough juice in my phone to snap a crappy picture of the camels!

I like how I'm enjoying seeing them now. I bet come summer time I'll be complaining about the smell.

Bonus part of the run, my average pace was sub 13 min/mile! All that running super fast because my morning run is getting cut off has paid off! Don't tell Hubs I said that.


  1. Nice! Isn't it great to have a run that just feels solid? Your pace is really picking up too! By summer you'll be able to run by that camel fast enough the smell won't even be an issue!