Friday, April 18, 2014

Born and Raised in South Detroit

I have a half day at work today so YAY.  Looking forward to spending some extra time with the Guys, especially C who was up last night at 2AM with a high fever. My poor guys.

Here are some bits and bobs to share:

*I got this email two days ago:

Dear Cocoa Classic Runner,

Thank you for participating in The Cocoa Classic on April 6th. We sincerely apologize that you did not receive your sweatshirt(s) and are working diligently to send them your way. We have received your information from the form you filled out on race day, and have estimated our supplier’s shipment date to be no later than April 30th. Your sweatshirt(s) will ship directly from our supplier to the address you listed on the form you submitted. If no address was specified, it will be shipped to the address on file with your registration.
If you do not receive your sweatshirt by Friday, May 16th, please contact us at
Thank you so much for your patience and for running with us in The Cocoa Classic. We hope to see you next year!

The Cocoa Classic Team

Yep that would be the sweatshirt I paid NINETY DOLLARS for. Not in until May. Luckily I'll still need a sweatshirt in May in Michigan. Unluckily...well, crap, come on. Just one more thing to add to the list of bad things from that event. Never again, my friends.

*I signed up for a 5K at the start of May not even thinking about my stupid leg current injury. Hopefully I can at least walk the damn thing. It's an evening 5K, something I've never done before. Also, it's a part of a series called the Thirsty Three: three races based throughout southern Michigan. First one at a brewery, second one at a vineyard and last one involves hard cider from an apple orchard. Yes please! Here's the link if you're around here and want to check it out.

*Went out to eat with my in-laws last night. On our way out we passed a woman coming in with a set of twin boys who were about three or four. Hubs saw her and lit up and then high-fived her. Twin power!

*I'm going to dust off the old bike this weekend. As long as it doesn't bother my leg I'm going to try to get some miles in on the bike. Not the same as running, but at least I'll be moving. And since I already have PLANS for Easter (cheesy potatoes, you guys, CHEESY EFFING POTATOES) I'll need the extra calorie burn wherever I can get it.

*I got some gift cards for my birthday so I ordered a cute dress and a workout tank top from Old Navy. The tank top makes me nervous. I don't mind my arms, but I'm super sensitive about my stomach. I definitely carry my weight around my belly. I hate to buy things without trying them on but I also hate shopping so this will have to work. Fingers crossed.

*When we were kids my mom used to hide our Easter eggs (the plastic ones filled with candy) on Easter morning. The Easter Bunny dropped them off and she would go out in the yard and hide them. Each kid was assigned a color so you could only find your own eggs. And one egg always had a piece of paper in it with a clue leading us to an extra special treat, like a large chocolate bunny or a stuffed animal. I loved this tradition and plan on doing it with the boys, probably starting next year when they can maybe grasp the idea. This year they aren't getting anything for Easter from the Easter Bunny because they have no clue that Sunday is even a holiday so why bring more crap into our house? I'll wait until I don't have a choice thankyouverymuch!

If you're celebrating Easter, what are you up to this weekend? And if you aren't celebrating, still, anything fun going on this weekend?


  1. That idea with color coding the eggs is brilliant. I may steal it someday. What a bummer about the sweatshirt. You'd think they'd at least offer you something extra to make up for the snafu. We were planning on doing an easter bunny photo with our daughter (more blackmail for later in life) but she's still sick (bronchitis!) so that's most likely a no go. She's old enough for an egg hunt, so we'll most likely do that with her. The Thirsty Three races sound so awesome! I wish I was close enough to do them!

    1. Too bad about the Easter bunny photo. Hope she feels better!

  2. That three race series sounds freaking awesome! If I was closer, I would definitely do it!

    And hopefully the bike won't bug your leg!

    1. It does! I like the idea of a variety of race lengths, too!

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