Thursday, April 10, 2014

Guest Post Time

Head on over to Hilary's blog and check out the guest post I wrote for her. Hilary is running her first half marathon this weekend. I am beyond excited to see how she does. Make sure you mentally cheer her on this weekend!

Seriously, I bet you'll see a race recap on here in the future about a race we run together. We've got really similar pacing and we only live about two hours apart so it could happen!

Writing that post brought back some fond memories so I figure I'd take a trip down memory lane today and briefly talk about my past long distance races.

October 2008
Ran the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon. It was my first half and the longest distance I ever ran. I had a blast other than some stomach issues and definitely got bit by the running bug. Check out the guest post on Hilary's blog to read all about it.

October 2009
Ran the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon again. This time I went to the race with a friend who was running a half for the first time. I honestly believe she OVERTRAINED for this one. She's a faster runner than I am, a lot faster. Yet I caught up to her at Mile 11 because her knee was bothering her so she had to walk.

After this I decided I would train for a full marathon and complete one by my thirtieth birthday (April 2010). The actual race didn't happen by my thirtieth, but I was still thirty when I ran it.

October 2010
Ran the Detroit Free Press Full Marathon. For the first 17 miles of this one I did really, really well. I had a friend who was only supposed to run the half but stayed with me through 17 miles until he had to leave and take his daughter to breakfast. After that my walk/run ratio went to hell. At about Mile 21 I met up with my family and started crying because I was DONE. No more! I ended up pushing through even though every rational part of me was screaming "NO NO NO!"
My mom, future husband, sister and my dog offering support at Mile 21
After the finish. I was bawling my eyes out!

I finished in a little over six hours. Because I was on the slow side (ha!) the course was already being taken down. For part of the race, which I was supposed to run in the street, I was directed to the sidewalk because they were opening up the street. Fun times, right? And there was NOTHING left at the finish. Thank goodness my husband (my fiance at the time) grabbed a banana and some bagels before they packed it all away. There was a six hour time limit on the course and I came in at only a few minutes over six hours so it sucked to not have much of a finish line.

Race was in waves so the clock time was not my actual finish time
After this race I swore I would never, ever run a full again. Never. Yet somehow I find myself contemplating possibly the Disney Marathon. We'll see...

September 2013
Ran the Detroit Women's Half Marathon around Belle Isle in Detroit. I was undertrained for this one. SERIOUSLY undertrained. I didn't bring any fuel or extra water. I ran with my sister for the first six or so miles then took pity on her (she was running much slower than her usual pace to stay with me) and told her to run on her own. At Mile 10 I called Hubs (who was coming to spectate with my mom and boys) and told him that I was done and needed to be picked up. He met up with me at about Mile 11. I had a granola bar and thought, screw it, I'll keep going. My finish was awful, my time was bad and more than anything I was MAD at myself for not training properly. That was my wake up call. I started running regularly in November of 2013. And thus, this blog was born.

Head on over to Hilary's blog or twitter or Instagram (I'm sure all of the links are on her blog) and send her some positive juju for this weekend. GO HILARY GO!

And how about you? Any fun race stories to share?


  1. We'll FOR SURE get a race in together some day!!!! Thanks for all your motivation over the last few months of my training! :)

  2. Aww I love your recaps! You will do that full marathon and hopefully next time it will be easier and at Disney! :D

    BTW, I mentioned on Hilary's blog that I totally hum that song every time I read your blog but never really caught on that you meant it! LOL

    1. Hahhaa that's awesome! I find myself humming too sometimes.