Thursday, April 17, 2014

I'm a Maniac, Maniac On the Floor

I have a general rule when it comes to my runs. That rule is this:

Mile 1 sucks.

I always give myself at least a mile to get moving, to get through the creaks and groans and get my muscles nice and loose. I usually need this first mile to wake up, as well, especially during early morning runs.

Once I'm done with that first mile I am good to go. It's true, nine times out of ten if I start to feel in the zone I'll check my mileage and yep, sure enough one mile has passed.

The good news about this is I know my body. I know what my legs feel like when they feel good.

The bad news is I know my body so I also know when it feels bad, when there's something wrong with it.

There is something wrong with my left leg.

I attempted a run this morning. After limping through the first mile, Inner Meg started yelling louder than normal "Hey, idiot, you're not supposed to LIMP while you run!" And after limping only slightly less once I made it past said first mile I started listening to Inner Meg who was standing on her feet, waving her arms around and hollering at me, "STOP BEFORE YOU SERIOUSLY HURT YOURSELF!"

So I stopped.

Those are some ugly, painful splits
The good news is I am 99% sure it is a muscle thing. (I came to this conclusion when after my run I stretched, I mean REALLY stretched that leg and it HURT in a good way) Which means I need to rest said muscle.

The bad news is, I can't run.

It feels like the universe is fucking with me (sorry about the language, I'm kinda pissed off right now) because my Garmin comes in today. Today.

I am giving myself a week of rest, a week of ABSOLUTELY NO RUNNING (I mean it, if you happen to drive by and see me out running feel free to throw a bottle at me), to recuperate and see what's what. After a week I'll test things out and if necessary will take more time off. This blows. Seriously, seriously blows. I am mad at myself and my body because, damnit, I was getting into a routine here and I honestly think it was working.

Now I am bummed about this. And my usual response to being bummed about my body is to eat my weight in carbs. I will not do that, no sirree. I am going to find other ways to workout. Any tips or suggestions?


  1. First off.. I just love that all your blog titles are quotes or song titles. :)

    Second, so so sorry about the injury! ouch! Do you happen to foam roll? I have heard good things about that. Maybe try some yoga too while you're recuperating to see if you can stretch out those kinks and get a workout in.

    Do you have access to an elliptical?

  2. A week is no big deal and makes a lot of sense in the long run. Keep yourself active by doing things that won't hurt the leg. I tend to find that yoga really helps me with muscle injuries. And remember, it's only a week. No big deal!

  3. I second just about everything said so far. Try Foam Rolling, Yoga, and most definitely listen to that wise voice in your head! I'm sorry that this is happening right when your Garmin's getting there. It sucks to not be able to play with a new toy. Can you walk ok? Maybe take the Garmin for some "walk tests"?

  4. I'm sorry that your muscle is bothering you. Good job at seeing the signs and taking the rest that your body needs!