Monday, April 28, 2014

Listen With Your Heart/Weekend Recap/Let's Move Fesitval of Races 5K Recap

This house is clean.

I have five bags of clothes to be donated, including a TON of maternity clothes I have set to the side for my sister (fingers crossed she will need them soon).

Friday was a pretty normal evening for my family. Went out to a coney island restaurant. Wait, I don't know what you would call those outside of Michigan. A diner? Went out to a coney island/diner with my family. Saturday was my race which I'll get to in a second. And Sunday I spent cleaning my butt off. All in all, a ton of running around and hanging out and playing with toddlers. As the weather gets better our weekends get better and that's the fact jack.


Now for my race recap.

Let's Move Festival of Races 5K Recap

Packet Pick-Up
This festival of races included a half marathon, a half marathon relay, the 5K, a one mile fun run and a Kid's Mile. The festival promotes getting active to prevent childhood obesity so I am all for it.

I didn't pick up my own packet. The race was just down the road from my mom's house so she offered to get it for me. She did say there was no line and there were some neat vendors there. My mom isn't a runner.

The race swag included a long-sleeved tech shirt, a jogging backpack AND a finisher's medal. All of this for a 5K that cost $25.00!

Any race that allows others to pick up your packet without a big stink is a winner in my book.

Grade: A

Race Day
Like I said, the race was by my mom's house so I loaded up the Guys Saturday morning and headed over there. Weather was predicted to be in the low 50's on Saturday morning so I wore a tech t-shirt, capris and my running jacket. I ended up a little warm with the jacket on, but there was a wind so I was thankful I had it.

The half started at 9:00AM and the 5K at 9:30AM so I had plenty of time. I dropped the boys off with my mom and walked to the starting line. I wanted to use the walk as a nice warm up and to judge how my leg would feel. It was fine when I woke up on Saturday and remained fine through my walk so I had high hopes.My plan was to LISTEN TO MY LEG and do what needed to be done, as in walk if I had to.

I got to the starting line at about 9:20AM. I made my way to the middle of the crowd and hung out.
See the start way off in the distance?
The race actually started a little early, according to the time on my phone. Gun went off at 9:27AM. That's ok, I was ready for it. I hit start on my Map My Run app and took off. My leg didn't bother me AT ALL.

The first three quarters of a mile were downhill. I knew I was going too fast. I wasn't sprinting or anything but I was cruising. Sure enough I clocked in my first mile at 11:01. I tried to reign it in for the second mile because A. I wasn't trained that well B. I was afraid I was fighting and injury and C. There were two more miles left to go!

There was a water stop just after the first mile so I walked through that and took my time drinking my water and a cup of Gatorade. Gotta love a 5K that provides Gatorade. It just felt fancy!

I clocked in mile two at 11:36. Still fast, but much better for me. I knew at that current rate that I could almost WALK the last mile and still beat my PR of 39 minutes and change so I was feeling good.

The last mile was a gradual uphill and then all of a sudden a steeper incline. We all knew it was coming because we had to cross over a bridge very similar to the one we ran down at the start. My pace was much slower for the last mile. Last mile was 12:04.

Official time: 36:44

That would be a PR folks!

I finished right smack dab in the middle of my age group and right smack dab in the middle of the entire race.

And my leg was FINE, perfectly fine the entire time. In fact, I felt really good. PRing felt amazing! I pretty much danced back to my mom's house.
Who doesn't love a 5K medal?
There was water, bananas and orange slices at the finish. My stomach was a little rocky when I finished. I had a few orange slices and they were AWESOME!

Overall, this race was EXCELLENT! There were plenty of volunteers. The course was pretty easy, even with the uphill at the end. It was a busy race so a slow beginner would feel very comfortable here. You know me, I like any race where I'm not the last person left behind.

Next year I might try the half marathon or at least see if I can wrangle up enough people to make a half marathon relay team. If you live anywhere near the Metro Detroit area I say do this race!

Grade: A+


  1. Congratulations on the new PR!!!! That's awesome! :)

    If you put together a relay team next year, My running buddy and I would probably join you!

    1. Oh man, I am on it! Internet relay team unite!

  2. Bad ass! Huge congrats on the PR and even better that your leg felt great!

    1. THANKS! I am happy about both of those, too!

  3. WOW! Wonderful job with that PR and the fact that the leg is better! Yay! And I am totally tired after reading your weekend recap! LOL

    1. Hahaha, I don't realize I am packing so much in until I look back and see holy crap I did a lot!

  4. Woo Hoo! Congrats on the PR! It's an awesome feeling walking away from a race feeling GOOD! YAY!

    1. THANKS! I kinda had the Rocky Theme going in my head. ;)