Monday, April 14, 2014

Sunday Morning Rain Is Falling/Weekend Recap

I had a spectacular weekend.

How can I not when I start the weekend off with a little Captain America: Winter Soldier? I loved that movie! LOVED it. Probably one of the best Marvel movies I have seen in a long while. Well played, Cap.

My sis and her husband watched the Guys while Hubs and I went to the movie then out for some Middle Eastern food. Vegetarian grape leaves and hummus YUM! We got back after eleven so I hit the hay since I knew I would have to be up super early to volunteer at the Martian Marathon on Saturday.

When one's alarm goes off at 5AM and one is not running a race or going to the airport for a vacation it is really, really hard to get out of bed. I managed it, though. Volunteers had to meet at 6AM. It took a lot of effort to fight my inner introvert once I got there I hate going places by myself where I don't know anyone. I always have a feeling no on will talk to me. I forget, though, how friendly runners can be.
The alien lined finish line
There were a lot of volunteers through Team In Training. Apparently, they were able to earn money towards their donations by volunteering which I thought was pretty cool. I ended up on the 5K route directing people around a corner.
Go left!
The 5K started at 8AM so I had a bit of time to stand around and chat with the people manning the 5K Aid Station. It was a good morning. I would like to do this one next year, maybe the 10K of Half Marathon. It was super well run and organized and had plenty of volunteers and cheering. Can't beat that!

Once the last person passed my spot I was able to leave. Got home and spent the rest of the morning and afternoon enjoying the sunshine and fresh air with my Guys. Oh man, we have been living it up in the backyard!

Saturday night I got all dolled up and went to the opera with my best friend. We haven't hung out just the two of us in AGES so it was a treat. Funny thing we were running a little tight on time heading down there so we had a fancy dinner at KFC. Nothing like eating some fast food while wearing a fancy dress and heels!

Sunday was Hubs' day to sleep in. Once the Guys were done with breakfast I loaded them up in the jogging stroller and went for a run. I had high hopes I could get at least three miles in. They tend to get a bit antsy if they're stuck in the stroller for too long.

They were awesome! The weather was perfect, cloudy but warmer with a nice breeze. Both of them LOVED when we ran into the wind. I could hear them cackling away. I managed to somehow get lost in my own neighborhood. Seriously, some of those streets are jacked up. Luckily, I had the Map My Run app running so I could follow the map and figured out how to get out of the weird spot I was in. That's what I get for trying a new route!
That 14+ minute mile was the "Holy crap, where am I?" part of my run
I met up with my mom and sister for birthday lunch. They got me a Garmin which made me cry. I don't ever, ever expect presents from people. And when people in my life surprise me I get overwhelmed.

Seriously, my weekend kicked butt!

Now for the upcoming week. I joined Ash and Heather's WIW Diet Bet which officially started today. I've never done anything like this before so I'll let you know how it goes. Hubs took my full body picture on the scale while I was somewhat distracted by the toddlers who were trying to climb on the scale with me and it is a terrible, terrible picture. Here's to losing 4% of my weight in twenty-eight days!

It's supposed to snow tonight. Yep, you read that correctly. I will be running in the snow tomorrow. No thank you!

Now that I don't have a half marathon in the books until August, I'm trying to come up with a new running plan. Might try some speedwork for my 5K. We'll see.

How was your weekend?


  1. OH you did get to see Cap! yay! So glad you liked it! Sounds like it really was a perfect birthday weekend! I want to know more about your Garmin! What brand? Is it a HRM too?

  2. Yay for a great birthday weekend! WOOOOO! Is it weird that I'm excited to follow your progress on this challenge? cause I am. You kick serious butt.

    1. Thanks, Meg! Not weird at all! Very supportive!

  3. That sounds like a freaking awesome weekend! Good job on volunteering. There aren't nearly enough runners who remember to give back and I love to see people remembering. And yay on having a Garmin! I love mine!

    1. Thanks! There were a lot of volunteers which is great. And I had fun. I will definitely do it again!

  4. What an awesome surprise!! Which Garmin did you get??

    1. Haha, I have no idea. I haven't actually received it yet, my sis just ordered it. I'll post pics when I get it.