Thursday, April 3, 2014

You Give Me Fever, When You Kiss Me

One already tired Mom + two toddlers who woke up at different times last night with fevers = Holy crap balls am I ever exhausted!

I kinda did the same thing I did on Tuesday, ran even though I had been up with the kids a lot last night. I didn't feel bad ass. In fact, I just felt bad. I ran and that's all that matters.
That first mile is what happens when you leave the house without proper ear coverings and spend a mile convincing yourself that the wind isn't really all that bad. The next two miles I was out of the wind so they were much easier.

On a slightly better note, I was correct about my weight. I weighed myself this morning after my run and I am only up .8 pounds. Much better than the two I was up yesterday!

I don't normally do Non-Scale Victories since I don't think I have many (I know, I know dumb, right? NSV are all about celebrating the little things. I'm a work in progress). But, this morning when I was strapping on my sports bra I was pretty tired so I hooked it on without really thinking about it. As I finished I realized I wasn't using my usual last row of eyes (is that what you call the loops the bra hooks go in? I really have no idea!). I had hooked it up with the second to last row of eyes (?), quite easily, and it was comfortable. Clearly some part of me is shrinking. Hey, look at that progress!

And now I am off to fortify myself with more coffee. And then some more.


  1. That is definite progress - I love when I need to tighten my bras :) lol

  2. Sorry the Guys are sick. :( That's no fun! Hopefully they are or will be feeling better soon.

    Great NSV!

  3. I call them eyehooks. But way to notch it's like a belt for the girls!

  4. Ouch, sorry everyone was sick but you got it done! I would have totally used that as an excuse!