Thursday, May 29, 2014

Last Chance for Love

I know I have mentioned my Lovely Ladies Losing It Challenge that my friends and I have put on. We weigh-in on Thursdays so I stopped doing Weigh In Wednesdays here in the blogosphere. It wasn't worth it to me to weigh myself two days in a row. I try really, really hard to have a healthy relationship with the scale, which means I weigh myself once a week at the exact same time. There have been weeks where I have had to have Hubs hide the scale.

Knowing our last weigh-in of the month was this morning really made me focus on getting in a good workout last night and this morning. I didn't run Wednesday morning so I needed to do something. I walked with the Guys before dinner. And after they were in bed I went into the basement and did Meg's Last Chance Workout.

Of course, I didn't have a trainer yelling at me to workout until I puked so it wasn't quite as bad as The Biggest Loser.

I started out marching while I watched some t.v.. After a few minutes of this as a warm-up, I ran up and down my stairs. I ran up and down ten times, then did a few sets of bicep curls. Repeated the stairs then did sets of triceps work. More stairs more bicep curls. More stairs more triceps. I hit up my weight bench and did chest presses on the incline. Spent twenty minutes stepping up and down the bottom step of my stairs while watching Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. More weights. Ended up the evening with a whole bunch of crunches and Russian Twists.


And somehow I managed to get up this morning and go for a 3.4 mile run.

It's a lot easier getting up for runs in the morning when it looks like this.
I ended up losing 1.2 pounds this week. I am super happy with my loss. I don't think I have won the group challenge. But, since I am competing with friends who all want to get fit and healthy, it seems like losing is still a win in my book. Plus, there's always next month.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Road is Long With Many a Winding Turn/Weekend Recap

And it's Tuesday morning.

The weekend flew by, but at the same time, FELT like three days. Does that make sense?

I had a half day on Friday so I had even more time with my guys this weekend. We kept busy, that's for sure.

During nap time on Friday I dug out the area behind my garage so I could get my kitchen garden planted. I didn't do any planting last year, the guys were only six months old and I just didn't have the energy to do much besides go to work and come home and be with them. This year is a whole different ball game.

Last weekend I tackled the wild grapes. Oh how I hate wild grapevines.

Because I had the dirt available I decided to pull out what I thought were paver stones. They were not paver stones. After doing some digging around Hubs and I realized that the paver stones were not, in fact paver stones but were cinder blocks. Oh yes, that's what I said.

I ended up digging up a dozen cinder blocks. Let me just tell you that every single muscle in my body was whimpering come Saturday.

Before and after. The top photo shows some unburied cinder blocks and the buried ones left.

I managed to get the blocks out while the boys slept which was good. I didn't have to worry about them pulling one over on themselves.

The guys got up from their nap and decided to help Mom in the garden.

My little helpers.
Oh yeah, you can see bricks at the bottom of the above photo. There were also buried bricks. I dug up cinder blocks and bricks. I better end up with the best tasting veggies around because that was some hard ass work!

I had my first "group" run on Saturday. I say "group" because it was just me and one other member of my Moms Run This Town chapter. I've never run with a stranger before so I was super nervous. It was great and the miles, three of them, just flew by. I got to try out a new route, too. I am looking forward to the next group run!

After I got back, Hubs and I loaded up the boys and headed to Home Depot. Thank you, Home Depot, for your shopping carts with room to hold two toddlers. I ended up planting tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and zucchini. Wish me luck as I have been known to kill a garden or two.

After all the heavy labor on Friday and Saturday I decided to unofficially take Sunday and Monday off. I still got my miles and my movement in but nothing too crazy. We took the boys to the community pool for the first time on Sunday. They were kinda meh about it but I think they were just tired. We went again on Monday and they had a lot more fun, thank goodness. The pool membership was not cheap!

I also signed up for my June 5K! Is it really almost June?

How was your weekend?

Friday, May 23, 2014

I'm Hot For Teacher

I had Hubs come down to the gym set-up and see if he could adjust the settings for the leg side of the bench. I'm a bit short and don't think I'm getting the best workout I can.

Hubs: I don't think I can change it.
Me: Ah well, it was worth a shot.
Hubs (looking at the bar): You know, that's set up for incline presses. Can you even reach the bar with the bench flat like that?
Me: Not really. I just thought it was because I was short.
Hubs: Seriously?
Me: Well, I am short.
Hubs: ...
Me: What's the point of using the incline?
Hubs: You work the upper part of your pecs and your shoulder-
Me: Sold! (Goodness knows my upper pecs need work!)

Apparently, I need to hire him as a trainer. Who knew?

I set the bench up on an incline and let me tell you guys, my arms are SORE today. Not hurt sore but worked out sore. Whew. I also added ten pounds to the bar for a total of fifty-five pounds! It's funny because adding ten pounds, five pound weights on each side, looks so pathetic. I'll take a picture of it sometime this weekend so you can see how measly that ten pounds looks on the giant bar.

It is Memorial Day Weekend. In between all the bbqs and gatherings, take a minute to mentally thank all those people who lost their lives defending our country. And if you are able to, go hug a veteran.

It is supposed to be absolutely stunningly gorgeous out this weekend. I will be spending time with my family, getting some running in and enjoying the weekend. I have a mini goal this weekend to make sure I log into My Fitness Pal everyday. I have been known to let things slide when I get caught up in my weekend activites. Not this time!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Some People Wait a Lifetime For a Moment Like This

I had a tiny bit of time to get dinner in between work and a meeting.

All day long at work, whenever I had a second,  I mentally tried to figure out what to eat.

I nixed McDonald's right away. While sometimes the lure of those hot, greasy fries can be so tempting I cannot resist, I have resisted for some weeks now and I'm not about to fall off that wagon, not yet.

I thought about Subway and did some research using their online nutrition information.

Subway was a little out of my way so I nixed that, as well. Plus, the food had to be portable enough to eat while sitting in a parking lot and Subway can be messy.

I had to run to the grocery store to get some cereal bars and snacks for my boys so I figured I would just get something there. After briefly holding a container of six buffalo wings in my hand, I put them down and opted for something else. I ended up with a turkey roll up, Pop Chips and some watermelon. Who else is super excited that it's summer time and therefore time to eat lots of watermelon?

On a whim I checked out the nutritional value for the things I would have normally ordered from McDonald's. Here is the breakdown:

McChicken (no mayo): 310 calories
4-piece Chicken Nugget: 190 calories
Small fry: 230 calories
Total: 730 calories

And here is the breakdown of what I had:

Turkey Roll-up: 353 calories
Sour Cream and Onion Pop chips: 120 calories
Watermelon: 46 calories
Total: 519 calories

And that's just the calories. I'm sure I passed on TONS of extra fat and sodium.

I don't always make the best choices when it comes to eating. But, yesterday, in that moment, for that meal, I totally kicked ass.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

And It's All Green! I Think I Found a Place Where I Belong

Oh hello, leaves. You look so lovely this morning!
I can't get over how green it is! I feel like the leaves just popped up overnight. I am definitely enjoying spring. I don't even mind the rain. Ok, I do mind the rain but not that much. My new mantra is "Rain is better than snow".

I went out last night. I know, on a school work night! A friend of mine is in a local production of Into the Woods and they have ten dollar tickets on Monday nights. Hey, cheap tickets, I am in! Into the Woods is not a short show. It ended just before eleven and we hung out afterwards catching up for a bit. I got home and in bed just after midnight.

Five thousand bonus points to me for hauling my ass out of bed when my alarm went off at 5:38AM this morning. Holy crap, people, I'm pretty sure I was asleep for my first mile! And yes, I did just pat myself on the back. Counting on other people to lift you up just doesn't fly with me. I am my own number one fan!

I tend to watch the weather somewhat obsessively during my work day. I have really enjoyed getting out for a walk during my lunch hour. When it rains I just walk around my building. If it looks like rain I walk around my parking lot. And if it's nice I walk around the whole business complex. Do the No Rain dance with me.

No rain. Makes me think of the Bee Girl in the Blind Melon video. Am I dating myself here talking about a music video? Am I going to date myself even more if I talk about how sad it is that there aren't music videos anymore? I'll stop myself before I get into the state of MTV these days.

Happy Tuesday! Or as I like to call it, Happy Hey-It's-Not-Monday!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Let's Get Physical

A very active weekend was had by all. Whew.

Can I get a weekend to recover from my weekend?

On Saturday I met my mom at a Mom to Mom sale. It was within running distance so being the healthy person that I am I figured I would run up to the sale, do some shopping, and then depending on how I felt either run back or hitch a ride with my mom.

All went well. It was 1.30 miles to the sale. I took the long way just to get a little extra mileage in. Shopped then decided to run back. On the way back I took the shorter way.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

On my mental map I was running about a half a mile further west than I actually was. At one point I turned down a street and headed even further away from my house. I figured it out, corrected and somehow ran over three miles on Saturday. Nice work!
I did a great strength training workout on Saturday evening. I bench pressed with just the bar, having no idea how much it weighed. I thought it was ten pounds for some reason. I was talking to Hubs about it afterwards and he was all "Uh, no, the bar weighs forty-five pounds." I am a beast!

And then on Sunday I spent part of the morning getting rid of a terrible viney plant that has taken over my garden. Holy crap getting rid of vines is a pain in the ass! One of my guys was playing outside with me and saw me tugging on the vines so came over and helped. I snipped a few strands and let him tug them out of the tangle of branches. It was cute. After over an hour I had the vine pretty much destroyed.

When the boys went down for nap time I figured I would attack the patch behind our garage. My goal is to make that a kitchen garden once it warms up enough that I don't have to worry about it freezing. (Oh yes, mid-May and I'm worried about it being too cold for my tomatoes!) That patch was covered, COVERED, in dead wild grape vines. I want nothing to do with grapes unless they are fermented, chilled and poured in a wine glass!

I hacked at that thing for an hour. Can we talk about how much it sucks to get rid of vines? It sucks a whole lot, my friends!

We ran out of lawn bags so I currently have a pile of vines behind my garage. I'll get those packed up tonight and HOPEFULLY get the area cleared enough to plant next weekend. Fingers crossed.

And just because I needed to get my daily mile in, Hubs and I walked with the Guys up to a local city fair. There wasn't anything there for them, thank goodness, and I resisted the elephant ears, but it was a nice walk. Lots of people watching for the Guys.

Oh yeah, our city had a citywide garage sale this weekend. And we scored, big time!
Oh yes, that's a castle...with a turret!

Friday, May 16, 2014

I Want to Run Through the Jungle, the Wind in My Air the Sand at My Feet

After much debate, much pondering and thinking about it I have decided I am going to run the half marathon in August.

I am also going to run with a time goal.

I follow the Galloway method. To train for a time goal he recommends figuring out your Magic Mile. It comes down to running a mile as fast as you can without throwing up. There's a neat little site where you can plug this mile pace into a calculator and it tells you what pace you should train at and what pace you should run during your race.

I don't normally run on Fridays but figured it was a good day figure out my Magic Mile pace. Plus, I had met a friend at Buffalo Wild Wings last night so I liked the idea of getting a little extra calorie burn in this week.

 I left my Garmin at home (big mistake) and just used the timer on my phone. Meanwhile I had my Map My run app going just to track the distance from my house to the track and back. Gotta keep up those daily miles, right?

What a lovely morning to run around a track!
 Holy crap, a mile seems really, really long when you're running it on a track!

It took my 9:59 seconds to run a mile. Now I know some of you speedy people out there are all "well la di da". But, for me, that is FAST! Whew I was pushing it! I finished my mile and slowly jogged the rest of the way home. When I got home I hit the Save button on my app and guess what? Turns out I wasn't logged into Map My Run. Does this happen to anyone else? Every now and then I'm randomly signed out of my app which sucks. I usually do a quick check to make sure I'm logged in before I even walk out the door but didn't this morning, of course not, not when I would've had my fastest mile on there. Stupid app.

My half marathon training pace time is 14:58 per mile. The training plan I'm going to use is a fifteen week plan. The half marathon is thirteen weeks away so I'll have to adjust. I'm excited to use my Garmin to keep my on pace. I'm excited to work on speed. And I'm excited to HOPEFULLY get a half marathon PR.

And now I bite the bullet and register for this bad bay.

Oh and speaking of that. I'm trying to put together a relay team for the Detroit Free Press Marathon. Anyone in the area interested? Longest distance is six miles, shortest distance is three miles. Two members of the team will be able to run in Canada (as long as you have a passport or Enhanced Drivers License).  Here's a link to the relay info. I've run the full marathon once and the half marathon twice so I've been over the Ambassador Bridge and through the Windsor Tunnel so I am more than happy to let other people run those legs!

I'm looking at you, Hilary!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Whoa-oh, We're Halfway There

Halfway through the month of May and this is what Map My Run looks like:

If you don't want to click on the picture to make it bigger, essentially it is me streaking away. I feel pretty darned proud of this, not gonna lie. Here comes the horn tooting...BEEP BEEP!

I wish my horn sounded more like a semi's. HOOOOOONK. HOOOOOOONK.

I could tell it was raining when I woke up this morning. After I pulled on workout clothes I stood at my front door for a few minutes and assessed the situation. "Meg," I told myself. "You ran in an effing blizzard. A little rain isn't going to hurt you."

So I ran.

I'm glad I did because it wasn't even really raining, more of a light drizzle. I would've been ticked off at myself for letting a light drizzle keep me indoors.

Because it's been a while since I've run this steadily I have had to play mental games to keep me going during my runs. I do a lot of "Well, you're just running 1.5 miles. Run 1.5 miles away from the house and then 1.5 miles back. Two short runs." I haven't had to this much before my brief hiatus. I might start listening to some music with one ear bud while I run just to provide a distraction.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

There is a Season (Turn, Turn, Turn)

Randomness Wednesday

*I won at my Dietbet. So I took those winnings and I bought a Doctor Who t-shirt. I don't know how I feel about the Dietbet. Not going to lie, I really really busted ass the last week to make my weight and not in a healthy way. I will NOT be doing that again. But, busted ass or not, I rewarded myself with a t-shirt from etsy.

*I have made a few small changes to my eating habits that I would like to share. They might help you! First, I used to eat the Progresso Light soups. They're great and not a lot of calories but hello, sodium! So I started making my own veggie soup in a large batch and freezing it. I add a bunch of extra veggies and some quinoa instead of rice and it's great! I used premade chicken broth so it's still got some sodium in it, but not as much as Progresso. Second, I just started this this week, I started making my own instant oatmeal. Instead of buying the packages (expensive!) of instant oatmeal I bought a tub of quick oats. Directions are add to boiling water and cook for one minute. Instead I use the hot water from our Keurig at work and let it sit, covered,  for about three or four minutes. I add a tiny bit of sugar. I might start adding almond butter to it to change things up. We'll see. It's good, tastes better than the instant stuff for sure. There, two small changes to my food.

*Speaking of changes, I had a total shock moment this morning. I was running through my neighborhood, looking around and checking things out and all of a sudden I realized it was spring! I have been running in the morning, hauling my butt out of bed, in the cold, the wind, the snow, the rain, etc for five months now. FIVE MONTHS! Wow, time flies!

*All of that running means I need new shoes. A definite sign of New Shoe Need for me is my knees hurting on short runs and my shins starting to hurt. Both of those things happened with today's run. Good thing my Guys got me a gift certificate to a running store for Christmas.

*I have yet to register for a June race. I am slacking. I just checked out my RunMichigan calendar and there is a race in my area at the end of the month. I don't want to wait that long so I think I might do one earlier in the month, as well. There's a Race for the Cure in Detroit at the start of June. I'm sure it will be super busy but I don't mind that. Anyone run one before?

*I've been keeping up my May streak of walking or running at least a mile everyday AND doing at least 30 minutes of activity (can even be cleaning the house which is what I did this weekend). I just track it on My Fitness Pal. I'm pondering keeping it up and shooting for 100 days. And just in case you are worried that might injure myself, one of the miles I tracked was walking with a toddler. And since toddlers walk at the pace of snail because they have to stop and LOOK AT ALL THE THINGS EVERYWHERE goodness knows I was not close to injuring myself. I do have "rest" days, I swear!

*It's warm enough out to wear t-shirts and no jacket. My capris don't have pockets so I have been holding my cell phone in my hand. I think I need to look into an arm band for my phone, or a belt I can wear that holds my phone. I don't really look at it. I use the Map My Run App and I like to have it in case of emergency.

*I am meeting a friend for dinner tonight. I always check out any restaurants online menu so I can figure out what to eat there. This makes ordering faster, because I already know what I'm getting and easier, I'm less likely to give in on eating something not so healthy because I already know the calorie content. Knowing what I have to do to burn 1000 calories certainly keeps me away from stuff! But, even if I do indulge I don't beat myself up over it, or at least I'm learning not to. I am going to have a healthy relationship with food, damnit!

That's it, that's what I've got. Any random thoughts tumbling through your head?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

All the Lights are Misty in the River

It is absolutely, stone cold amazing what a difference a run makes.

I know I keep repeating myself but I have been taking it slow for the past week and a half. And it sucks.

I ran this morning.

And it was glorious.

My leg was fine, 100% even. I went super slow and kept up the mantra of "don't go too fast don't go too fast" because I didn't want to risk an injury. Not even a tweak.

That was not my pace. That was just my pace as I hit the stop button on my awesome Garmin.
I felt good. I haven't been outside that early in a while now so it was nice to have it be light when I left the house. I don't run with music, except for LONG runs so I can be aware of what's going on around me. It's easier to spot the cars when you're running in the dark because they have their headlights on (duh) so it was a slight adjustment running in the light. At least the sun wasn't all the way up. It's hot and humid here right now. Like we skipped spring and jumped right into summer.

The misty, humid morning view.
 I'm going to keep my mileage LOW for the next week just to see how the leg feels. I figure a few three milers throughout the week just to keep things loose. And I'm going to keep up with my lunchtime walking. I really enjoy getting some fresh air during the my work day.

Oh man, what a difference a run makes.

Monday, May 12, 2014

At Last I See the Light

I set my Pandora to the Disney station for car rides with the Guys. For some reason, I never remember to switch it back while I'm out on my walks. It's fine, I love me some Disney tunes. That song from Tangled, "See the Light" is on all the time. It reminds me that I really enjoyed that movie and I love me some Chuck...or Zachary Levi if we're going by real names here.

Well, hello rambling first paragraph. Welcome to how Meg's mind is going after this weekend.

With Hubs gone, this weekend was intense. I am so beyond lucky I have a spectacular family to support me. After brunch at my sister's (thanks for hosting, sis!) on Sunday, my mom came over to my house and hung out with the Guys so I could go shopping for essentials. It's not my turn to cook this week so you can bet your ass I didn't go out of my way to get anything for dinners. Yes, I was feeling small and petty. But, I was grocery shopping on Mother's Day watching dads and partners and sons and a whole plethora of guys swing up to Trader Joe's to get flowers for mom so the bitterness was just brewing there. I got Trader Joe's sushi for my own dinner, the boys had ravioli, and was not impressed with it. I ended up making English muffin pizzas. I love English muffin pizzas. The beauty of being more aware of what I'm eating is, if it doesn't taste good it's not worth the calories for me so I just won't eat it. Before I used to just mindlessly eat so it didn't matter if it tasted kinda crappy.

My awesome mom even hung out for an extra forty-five minutes after I got back so I could go for a walk and get my daily mile in. I ended up with just over two miles. My leg has been feeling great for these miles so I'm going to attempt a run tomorrow morning. I'll keep you posted.

I noticed that I am actually getting in more mileage with my daily walks than I did with my running. Funny, right? If I keep up at my current pace...and throw a run or two in there...I should be able to break sixty miles this month. Pretty awesome stuff.

And if my leg cooperates I am definitely going to sign up for August's half marathon.

Last but not least.

If you're in the Detroit area and want to go to a neat event the Detroit Tigers are having a Runners Night on June 4th. Check out the link for details. I bought two tickets already. For $28.00 you get a ticket to the game in the Upper Reserved Infield, a t-shirt and the Tigers donate part of your ticket sale to either the CRIM or Girls on the Run. Both organizations kick butt! The website never stated how to pick out t-shirt sizes so after I ordered our tickets I sent an email to the woman organizing the event. She responded within a few minutes and gave me more information. Gotta love fabulous customer service!

The best part is the t-shirt. The front has a 162.0 in a round circle, like the 13.1 and 26.2 stickers people get for their cars (baseball season consists of 162 games) and the back says "Tigers Baseball. It's a marathon, not a sprint". 

How was your weekend?

Friday, May 9, 2014

Wherever We Go, Whatever We Do, We're Gonna Go Through It Together

We're in this together, right? You got my back, I got yours, right? I hope so.

Lately I've been feeling blah about working out. I'm trying to stay positive and see the days of Streaking through May just click off one by one. But, it's hard to look at Map My Run and see ZERO runs in the past week.

Not running kinda sucks, Steve.

(Have you ever seen the movie Multiplicity? There's a line in it with one of the clones and he says, "I like pizza, Steve." to Michael Keaton whose name is most definitely not Steve. My friends and I claimed it many years ago so when we're complaining about something being hard we usually add the Steve to the end of it. No idea why. I'm weird.)

Walking is fine, don't get me wrong. And if I was running, I wouldn't even be running that fast right now as I am not training for anything. That's my problem, right there.  I'm not training for anything.

Not training kinda sucks, Steve.

Hubs is gone this weekend. I put on a happy face for him since he's off on a golf trip and super excited about it. We celebrated Mother's Day last weekend but it still kinda sucks that he'll be gone on Sunday. It just sucks in general that he's gone. Wrangling the twins on my own can be rough. I have plenty of offers of extra help from my mom and sister. It's just the idea of being on my own that's much more stressful than actually BEING on my own. A lot of "what ifs" are running through my brain at all times.

Blah. Just blah.

It's Friday. Hopefully the weekend cheers me up.

Happy weekend to you! Anything fun planned?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

I Go Out Walkin', After Midnight

I don't know if it was the workout video yesterday or the two miles of angry walking I did after dinner, but man oh man my behind is sore today. So are my flanks, or whatever you call the muscles on the side of your butt. Those are sore, too!

I angry walked after dinner last night because, well because I was angry. I loaded the boys up in their stroller and took off. They enjoyed it because they got to check out the cars driving by and I enjoyed it because I had a head of steam going from a. a stupid argument with Hubs and b. somehow the Crockpot ended up on high instead of low yesterday so dinner was burnt to an unrecognizable lump of charcoal. Walk it off, Meg.

Maybe I should Angry Walk more often.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Video Killed the Radio Star

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain pitter pattering on our roof. And while I am a big fan of running in most conditions...well, I'm a big baby when it comes to running in crappy conditions. So if I can get out of a run when it's crappy out, darnit I will. And since I'm not training for anything, just trying to lost weight, I figured I could skip the run.

And for ten minutes I tossed and turned in bed while I internally debated the merits of getting up and just working out damnit.

Healthy Meg won that battle and I was out of bed at 6:00AM. I had searched Fitness Blender a few days ago and watched some videos. Yep, I'm the person who watches the video first to see if it's even worth her time.

I found the Low Impact Cardio Video for Beginners and went with that one. My knees are a little rusty so I wanted to go easy on them. Plus, I didn't want to do anything to mess with the recovering thigh.

This was my first Fitness Blender workout. I liked the clock counting down how much time there was per move. That was my favorite part. Honestly, when Jillian Michaels does moves and then keeps saying "only a few seconds more" and then the move just keeps going and going I want to punch her in her six pack abs. Knowing exactly how much time was left was awesome! Not only does the video countdown each move, there's also a lovely bar along the side of the video that shows how much time is left in the entire workout.

Obviously, this is the only one I've done so I'm not super familiar with the site. But, I liked it and would recommend it to anyone looking for free videos.

One of the Guys, A, woke up early today. I got him up while I finished getting ready for work. It was nice to see him before I left for the day. Sometimes he can be really emotional when I leave him so I worried about that. But I kissed him good bye and left him snuggled up with Hubs who was feeding him a cereal bar and watching hockey. He barely noticed I was gone.

Between the workout video, the toddler awake early and my normal morning routine, I forgot to weigh in. Oops. Looks like tomorrow will be a Weigh-in Thursday for me.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Still Crazy After All These Years

It took me forty-five minutes to walk 1.17 miles yesterday.

And that's what happens when you let the kids walk instead of just throwing them in the stroller.Hubs and I both figured they would enjoy the extra exercise and the fresh air (translation: we hoped to tire the boys out). It worked! They conked out right after we got home.

Actually, they were pretty tired just walking home so half of the 1.17 miles I walked I did while carrying twenty-five pounds of sleepy/crabby toddler. Is there a way to add that on My Fitness Pal? I think that certainly changed my calorie burn!

Before that, I walked 1.04 miles on my lunch. I started late because I started lunch late. I had to rush to get that walk in. Three laps around my work parking lot equals a little under a mile. It's a big parking lot. Today I plan on getting in two miles if I can. We'll see how that goes.

I'm still streaking along! (Still streaking after all these years...)

Hubs has been working super early this week, too early for me to even get up and run. I mean, I get up early to workout but not that damn early! I think I'll wake up a little earlier tomorrow and check out some fitness videos on Fitness Blender.

Monday, May 5, 2014

The Beat Goes On/Weekend Recap/Hightail to Ale 5K Race Recap

And the streak continues! Sure, it's only the fifth of May but I have managed to run or walk at least a mile everyday. And on top of that I have at least been physical for thirty minutes everyday. I have been moving, people and it feels good!

I started my weekend off with a 5K Friday evening. So I'll start my weekend recap off with a recap of the race. Whew.

Hightail to Ale 5K Race Recap
Packet Pick-up
Packet pick-up was offered Thursday evening and then Friday before the race. I thought about picking up my packet on my way home from work but there is an entire freeway shut down for construction and it would've screwed up my commute enough that I would've been home LATE so I said eff it and picked it up Friday. I went to the race right from work, got there a little after five. Race started at six thirty so I had plenty of time to pick up my t-shirt, pint glass and bib. The t-shirt isn't a tech shirt, but is still cute enough to wear out in public so I was happy with it. There weren't a lot of people around, it was early enough yet so pick up was easy in and easy out. I even had time to drop my crap off at my car and make it back with time to spare. Between all the running back and forth for to the car I probably got an extra mile of walking in so there is that.

The Race
Race started in waves. It was a sold out race. Apparently the lure of free beer at the end of a 5K is enough to get anyone moving. My friend and I stationed ourselves towards the back of the pack  near the Twelve Minute Mile sign.
You can't even see the start. That's a lot of people!
My left HIP was bothering me so I told my friend to run ahead of me if she wanted to. She laughed and said she was just in it for fun so she stuck by me which was nice. With the waves we ended up starting about ten minutes after the initial start.
At first things looked and felt good. I was able to run the first two miles without problem but had to start walking just after mile two. We walk/ran for the last mile and still managed to finish in just over forty minutes.

Finish time:40:44

The medals are awesome! Of course, I don't have a picture, sorry, but they're a medal and also a bottle opener woo-hoo. Unfortunately, rumor had it a box of medals was left unattended by volunteers and people stole a bunch of them so people who finished at the back of the pack didn't get medals right away. Honestly, what are you going to do with an extra medal or a medal if you didn't run the race? People are dumb.

We were funneled past people with water bottles and pretzels. I think this race was undermanned. Nowhere near as bad as The Cocoa Classic, but slightly undermanned so the volunteers were stretched kinda thin. We waited in line for our beer. I wasn't really feeling it, in fact my stomach was a bit twisted up at this point, so I saved my beer for Hubs. Thank goodness they gave us a can!
Made in Detroit!
Fun race! The next race in the series is Running Between the Vines and is run in a vineyard in August. My running friend, same one I ran the half with and this one, is already signed up for the half. I'm giving myself the month of May to see how my leg is before I decide which distance to sign up for. Here's hoping it the half!

Saturday I took the boys and the dog for a three mile walk. Spent the evening with some girlfriends. And Sunday Hubs surprised me with an early Mother's Day celebration. He's going to be out of town next weekend so he made me breakfast in bed and invited family over for my favorite meal, meatless spaghetti (basically, spaghetti noodles, tomato sauce, green  peppers and cheddar cheese all baked together. SO YUMMY!). I was super surprised and it was a nice treat. Since Hubs will be gone Thursday through Monday and Mama will be flying solo for that time I certainly enjoyed it!

After everyone left I finally had a chance to break out my new Forerunner 110! I had planned on only going one mile but by the time I was a mile away from the house I figured I might as well make it three miles. My left leg is iffy so I took it slow. I think I'll be doing a lot more walking than running this month. Leg heal thyself!

How was your weekend?

Friday, May 2, 2014

It's 9 O'clock on a Saturday, Regular Crowd Shuffles In

I'm going to do a Friday Five because I like the sound of it.

Five Reasons Why I Love Running in the Morning
(And if this inspires you to run in the AM then yay for that, too!)

1. I don't feel like I am taking any time away from my family!
This is so the number one reason why I haul my butt out of bed at 5:30AM. The boys are still sleeping that early, Hubs is still sleeping so I don't feel like I'm missing out on time with them. Sure, I could snuggle with Hubs but since he woke me up this morning at 6:00AM by SNORING INTO MY FACE I think the snuggle morning time might be a bit overrated. Plus, when I run in the mornings my evenings are wide open for play time, meal prep time, laundry time, cleaning time, etc.

2. My metabolism is rocking for the rest of the day.
This can be good or bad depending on my access to healthy foods. Since running usually inspires me to be more healthy it often ends up more of a good thing. I eat right after I get home from my run, usually an English muffin with almond butter or a turkey sandwich (yep, I believe in eating whatever I want for meals, not just breakfast food) and some string cheese. By mid-morning I am ready to EAT EVERYTHING so I have another string cheese or hard boiled egg or oatmeal. Eating small, healthy, high in protein snacks keeps me full longer and less likely to bad snack later in the day.

3. The only other people around outside are pretty much other runners or bikers.
I live in an excellent area. The subdivision I run through is relatively small population wise, but large distance wise. Which means I can get my miles in running through the subs and stay away from busy roads. Plus, even if I had to run on busy roads there just aren't that many people driving on them that early. As for other people around, it is a sad fact that as a female out by herself in the dark, there is a sense of being unsafe. Our streets are well lit. I can see and hear (I don't wear headphones) people approaching me. On top of that, I don't have to avoid people mowing their lawns or kids on bikes or people with strollers. Not that there is anything wrong with any of these people, but it's nice to not have them around while I am in the zone.

4. It's nice prep for races.
Most of the races I have been involved in have started early in the morning. When I used to run at night, this was waaaay before having kids, I had a hard time adjusting to the early morning race. It would take me a mile or two to wake up. Now I'm used to it. I know what I can eat before a race. I know what I can drink. And it's just like a normal run for me.

5. It's me time.
I have struggled with my identity, especially after birth. I feel like a part of society puts a lot of pressure on moms to make them act like super women, like they can work forty hour weeks, cook meals, clean the house, do laundry and hang out with the kids. I feel like moms are SUPPOSED to be stressed and that if you aren't stressed you're doing it wrong. Let me rephrase, I feel like society tries to make us feel that way. The thing is, I don't feel stressed as a mom, or no more stressed than I did before being a mom. Does this mean I'm doing it wrong? Now I don't have a high stress career. I leave work at the office. I used to have a job like that, that followed me home and drove me insane. I did that for eight years and NEVER AGAIN.
Anyway, I miss my guys when I am at work but I know they are in good hands with their Nana or their dad. I enjoy the time I have with them as much as I can but also, they can get on my nerves WHICH IS COMPLETELY NORMAL. Being a parent is not all moonbeams and rainbows. It's ok to want to poke your eye out. It's ok to hide in the bathroom with your iPad. I have a friend who I feel kinda thrives on talking about how stressed out she is. Sometimes I just want to shake her and be all "you are doing it to yourself! Let it go!"
I'm running off on a tangent here. What it comes down to is when I lace up my shoes at the buttcrack of dawn the only thing I'm thinking about is me. I let all my doubts and worries float away and listen to my breath and the birds singing and the wind. I enjoy the silence and the peace and try to be as zen as possible. And I don't feel guilty about it. Because Mamas need to take care of themselves before they can take care of their kiddos.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

If Ever I Would Leave You, How Could It Be In Spring-time?/Monthly Recap

Man, one of the easiest ways for me to tell this month was an injured month is from my lack of mileage. I got some miles in, but not that many so boo to that. It's ok, I rested my leg which was the most important part.

I have a 5K on the books for tomorrow and then not much else until July. I'm debating a half marathon in August. Never done that kind of distance in the summer, so we'll see. I think I'll take the rest of May off from training. I plan on running and walking and moving and having random dance parties with my toddlers (Hey MFP, can you add a way to track calories burned while holding fifty pounds of toddler and dancing around?) and just being active. I don't plan on training. I need to rest my leg which has been pretty good but still twinges at me every now and then. So rest it is.

Have I rambled enough for you?

Here were my April goals:
1. Run 60 miles.
2. Complete two half-marathons (we'll see how I feel after Sunday's run).
3. Strength train twice a week.
4. Celebrate my birthday and Easter without going overboard in calories!
5. Lose five pounds.

And here's how I did:
Oh injury you suck.
 I had ONE sorta long run after the half marathon and then my mileage bit it.

2. I didn't complete two half marathons, but I did have two races in the month of April so I will count that as an accomplished goal. I was just glad I was able to run the 5K on the 26th.

3. Oops, forgot to strength train. Honestly, I have been doing push-ups and crunches most evenings but I never log them. I need to break out my free weights. Game on, May!

4. I managed to celebrate my birthday and Easter without going overboard on calories so go me. Woot woot. Of course, I managed to go overboard on calories on other days. Le sigh.

5. That being said, I have still not lost five pounds. Part of it comes from me eating badly because I was mad that I couldn't work out. Sounds dumb, right? And part of it comes from not being as active as I would like to be because of my stupid effing leg.

But, April is over. I didn't kick it's butt like I wanted to but I also didn't let it beat me down. I survived, I was active, I didn't gain twenty pounds. Spring has sprung and I am ready for it.

Here are my May goals. There are links here because I am doing a few challenge with other bloggers. You should join in!

May Goals
1. Run sixty miles. I am going to attempt the May Streaking Challenge ("We're going streaking! You, you can come, too. Wear your hat!") put on by the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. If you don't click the link, it's basically a challenge to run or walk at least a mile everyday for the whole month. 

2. Do thirty minutes of activity every day for the entire month of May. Jess over at Operation Skinny Jeans is hosting a challenge for anyone who wants to do thirty minutes of activity a day. You have to be her friend on Map My Fitness. The rules are on her site, basically if you are active everyday for the month of May you're entered to win a prize. It's very casual and fun. Did you know the state of Colorado has a challenge to get people moving? How cool is that!

3. Lose five pounds.

4. Strength train three times a week.

5. Go down a dress size. I don't know if I shared this or not, but I bought a dress a few weeks ago and it was officially in Misses sizes, not plus-size. Of course, it was still a 16, but I'll take it!

I like to start my month off with some serious exercise. I feel like it gets me inspired to kick the month's butt!

This morning I got up early enough to go for a four mile run which just felt great. My splits were all over the place because I took my time warming up, tackled some hills and just enjoyed the beautiful morning. I'm really getting into running while the sun is coming up. Can't beat that.

A few days ago I went for a run with the Guys. I had to take this picture because of how adorable their little feet are without socks. And then I noticed how they have their feet crossed the exact same way. Ah, twins.
Warm enough to be out without socks. What an awesome evening run!