Tuesday, May 13, 2014

All the Lights are Misty in the River

It is absolutely, stone cold amazing what a difference a run makes.

I know I keep repeating myself but I have been taking it slow for the past week and a half. And it sucks.

I ran this morning.

And it was glorious.

My leg was fine, 100% even. I went super slow and kept up the mantra of "don't go too fast don't go too fast" because I didn't want to risk an injury. Not even a tweak.

That was not my pace. That was just my pace as I hit the stop button on my awesome Garmin.
I felt good. I haven't been outside that early in a while now so it was nice to have it be light when I left the house. I don't run with music, except for LONG runs so I can be aware of what's going on around me. It's easier to spot the cars when you're running in the dark because they have their headlights on (duh) so it was a slight adjustment running in the light. At least the sun wasn't all the way up. It's hot and humid here right now. Like we skipped spring and jumped right into summer.

The misty, humid morning view.
 I'm going to keep my mileage LOW for the next week just to see how the leg feels. I figure a few three milers throughout the week just to keep things loose. And I'm going to keep up with my lunchtime walking. I really enjoy getting some fresh air during the my work day.

Oh man, what a difference a run makes.


  1. Yay for an awesome run! Sorry about the humidity though. We have it bad down here too.

  2. True story! A good run can turn an entire day around!