Thursday, May 8, 2014

I Go Out Walkin', After Midnight

I don't know if it was the workout video yesterday or the two miles of angry walking I did after dinner, but man oh man my behind is sore today. So are my flanks, or whatever you call the muscles on the side of your butt. Those are sore, too!

I angry walked after dinner last night because, well because I was angry. I loaded the boys up in their stroller and took off. They enjoyed it because they got to check out the cars driving by and I enjoyed it because I had a head of steam going from a. a stupid argument with Hubs and b. somehow the Crockpot ended up on high instead of low yesterday so dinner was burnt to an unrecognizable lump of charcoal. Walk it off, Meg.

Maybe I should Angry Walk more often.


  1. Boo on the reasons for the Angry, but Yeah, Angry walking works so very very well. Both for the exercise and the state of mind. Hope today goes better!

    1. At least I burned some calories instead of eating them, right?

  2. Aww sorry about the angry walk but at least you walked! I, too, had a crock pot malfunction yesterday. I turned mine on "low" for the baked potatoes, but it didn't quite click into the position. So when I got home last night, stone cold potatoes. Grrrr.