Friday, May 16, 2014

I Want to Run Through the Jungle, the Wind in My Air the Sand at My Feet

After much debate, much pondering and thinking about it I have decided I am going to run the half marathon in August.

I am also going to run with a time goal.

I follow the Galloway method. To train for a time goal he recommends figuring out your Magic Mile. It comes down to running a mile as fast as you can without throwing up. There's a neat little site where you can plug this mile pace into a calculator and it tells you what pace you should train at and what pace you should run during your race.

I don't normally run on Fridays but figured it was a good day figure out my Magic Mile pace. Plus, I had met a friend at Buffalo Wild Wings last night so I liked the idea of getting a little extra calorie burn in this week.

 I left my Garmin at home (big mistake) and just used the timer on my phone. Meanwhile I had my Map My run app going just to track the distance from my house to the track and back. Gotta keep up those daily miles, right?

What a lovely morning to run around a track!
 Holy crap, a mile seems really, really long when you're running it on a track!

It took my 9:59 seconds to run a mile. Now I know some of you speedy people out there are all "well la di da". But, for me, that is FAST! Whew I was pushing it! I finished my mile and slowly jogged the rest of the way home. When I got home I hit the Save button on my app and guess what? Turns out I wasn't logged into Map My Run. Does this happen to anyone else? Every now and then I'm randomly signed out of my app which sucks. I usually do a quick check to make sure I'm logged in before I even walk out the door but didn't this morning, of course not, not when I would've had my fastest mile on there. Stupid app.

My half marathon training pace time is 14:58 per mile. The training plan I'm going to use is a fifteen week plan. The half marathon is thirteen weeks away so I'll have to adjust. I'm excited to use my Garmin to keep my on pace. I'm excited to work on speed. And I'm excited to HOPEFULLY get a half marathon PR.

And now I bite the bullet and register for this bad bay.

Oh and speaking of that. I'm trying to put together a relay team for the Detroit Free Press Marathon. Anyone in the area interested? Longest distance is six miles, shortest distance is three miles. Two members of the team will be able to run in Canada (as long as you have a passport or Enhanced Drivers License).  Here's a link to the relay info. I've run the full marathon once and the half marathon twice so I've been over the Ambassador Bridge and through the Windsor Tunnel so I am more than happy to let other people run those legs!

I'm looking at you, Hilary!


  1. oooh Awesome! Congrats on registering for it and that relay does sound like fun!

    1. Someday we'll find a race in the middle of the country that all of us blogging buddies can run in!

  2. Yay for signing up! And the relay sounds fun, but it's too far away :(

    1. Ah well. There will be a race somewhere that's close enough for all of us, right?

  3. Great job on the fast mile!! I laughed at "run as fast as you can without puking"! ;)

    I would love to run the relay with you, since I've done it once before and loved it, but I can't commit to anything in hockey season. :(

    Congrats on signing up for the half!!

    1. Oh man, that's my future! Are you running the half for Between the Vines or the 10K or 5K?