Thursday, May 1, 2014

If Ever I Would Leave You, How Could It Be In Spring-time?/Monthly Recap

Man, one of the easiest ways for me to tell this month was an injured month is from my lack of mileage. I got some miles in, but not that many so boo to that. It's ok, I rested my leg which was the most important part.

I have a 5K on the books for tomorrow and then not much else until July. I'm debating a half marathon in August. Never done that kind of distance in the summer, so we'll see. I think I'll take the rest of May off from training. I plan on running and walking and moving and having random dance parties with my toddlers (Hey MFP, can you add a way to track calories burned while holding fifty pounds of toddler and dancing around?) and just being active. I don't plan on training. I need to rest my leg which has been pretty good but still twinges at me every now and then. So rest it is.

Have I rambled enough for you?

Here were my April goals:
1. Run 60 miles.
2. Complete two half-marathons (we'll see how I feel after Sunday's run).
3. Strength train twice a week.
4. Celebrate my birthday and Easter without going overboard in calories!
5. Lose five pounds.

And here's how I did:
Oh injury you suck.
 I had ONE sorta long run after the half marathon and then my mileage bit it.

2. I didn't complete two half marathons, but I did have two races in the month of April so I will count that as an accomplished goal. I was just glad I was able to run the 5K on the 26th.

3. Oops, forgot to strength train. Honestly, I have been doing push-ups and crunches most evenings but I never log them. I need to break out my free weights. Game on, May!

4. I managed to celebrate my birthday and Easter without going overboard on calories so go me. Woot woot. Of course, I managed to go overboard on calories on other days. Le sigh.

5. That being said, I have still not lost five pounds. Part of it comes from me eating badly because I was mad that I couldn't work out. Sounds dumb, right? And part of it comes from not being as active as I would like to be because of my stupid effing leg.

But, April is over. I didn't kick it's butt like I wanted to but I also didn't let it beat me down. I survived, I was active, I didn't gain twenty pounds. Spring has sprung and I am ready for it.

Here are my May goals. There are links here because I am doing a few challenge with other bloggers. You should join in!

May Goals
1. Run sixty miles. I am going to attempt the May Streaking Challenge ("We're going streaking! You, you can come, too. Wear your hat!") put on by the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. If you don't click the link, it's basically a challenge to run or walk at least a mile everyday for the whole month. 

2. Do thirty minutes of activity every day for the entire month of May. Jess over at Operation Skinny Jeans is hosting a challenge for anyone who wants to do thirty minutes of activity a day. You have to be her friend on Map My Fitness. The rules are on her site, basically if you are active everyday for the month of May you're entered to win a prize. It's very casual and fun. Did you know the state of Colorado has a challenge to get people moving? How cool is that!

3. Lose five pounds.

4. Strength train three times a week.

5. Go down a dress size. I don't know if I shared this or not, but I bought a dress a few weeks ago and it was officially in Misses sizes, not plus-size. Of course, it was still a 16, but I'll take it!

I like to start my month off with some serious exercise. I feel like it gets me inspired to kick the month's butt!

This morning I got up early enough to go for a four mile run which just felt great. My splits were all over the place because I took my time warming up, tackled some hills and just enjoyed the beautiful morning. I'm really getting into running while the sun is coming up. Can't beat that.

A few days ago I went for a run with the Guys. I had to take this picture because of how adorable their little feet are without socks. And then I noticed how they have their feet crossed the exact same way. Ah, twins.
Warm enough to be out without socks. What an awesome evening run!


  1. Congrats on the size down! A size down from plus to misses is still a size down!

    Ps. I nominated you ♡

  2. Wonderful goals, and I know that injury derailed you a bit last month, but this will be a better month for you, I just know it! (Love the pic of the twinsies!) Excellent way to start the month out with a great run!

  3. You'll be wearing that dress in no time!

    And that picture of the twins is so freaking cute!!