Thursday, May 29, 2014

Last Chance for Love

I know I have mentioned my Lovely Ladies Losing It Challenge that my friends and I have put on. We weigh-in on Thursdays so I stopped doing Weigh In Wednesdays here in the blogosphere. It wasn't worth it to me to weigh myself two days in a row. I try really, really hard to have a healthy relationship with the scale, which means I weigh myself once a week at the exact same time. There have been weeks where I have had to have Hubs hide the scale.

Knowing our last weigh-in of the month was this morning really made me focus on getting in a good workout last night and this morning. I didn't run Wednesday morning so I needed to do something. I walked with the Guys before dinner. And after they were in bed I went into the basement and did Meg's Last Chance Workout.

Of course, I didn't have a trainer yelling at me to workout until I puked so it wasn't quite as bad as The Biggest Loser.

I started out marching while I watched some t.v.. After a few minutes of this as a warm-up, I ran up and down my stairs. I ran up and down ten times, then did a few sets of bicep curls. Repeated the stairs then did sets of triceps work. More stairs more bicep curls. More stairs more triceps. I hit up my weight bench and did chest presses on the incline. Spent twenty minutes stepping up and down the bottom step of my stairs while watching Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. More weights. Ended up the evening with a whole bunch of crunches and Russian Twists.


And somehow I managed to get up this morning and go for a 3.4 mile run.

It's a lot easier getting up for runs in the morning when it looks like this.
I ended up losing 1.2 pounds this week. I am super happy with my loss. I don't think I have won the group challenge. But, since I am competing with friends who all want to get fit and healthy, it seems like losing is still a win in my book. Plus, there's always next month.