Monday, May 19, 2014

Let's Get Physical

A very active weekend was had by all. Whew.

Can I get a weekend to recover from my weekend?

On Saturday I met my mom at a Mom to Mom sale. It was within running distance so being the healthy person that I am I figured I would run up to the sale, do some shopping, and then depending on how I felt either run back or hitch a ride with my mom.

All went well. It was 1.30 miles to the sale. I took the long way just to get a little extra mileage in. Shopped then decided to run back. On the way back I took the shorter way.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

On my mental map I was running about a half a mile further west than I actually was. At one point I turned down a street and headed even further away from my house. I figured it out, corrected and somehow ran over three miles on Saturday. Nice work!
I did a great strength training workout on Saturday evening. I bench pressed with just the bar, having no idea how much it weighed. I thought it was ten pounds for some reason. I was talking to Hubs about it afterwards and he was all "Uh, no, the bar weighs forty-five pounds." I am a beast!

And then on Sunday I spent part of the morning getting rid of a terrible viney plant that has taken over my garden. Holy crap getting rid of vines is a pain in the ass! One of my guys was playing outside with me and saw me tugging on the vines so came over and helped. I snipped a few strands and let him tug them out of the tangle of branches. It was cute. After over an hour I had the vine pretty much destroyed.

When the boys went down for nap time I figured I would attack the patch behind our garage. My goal is to make that a kitchen garden once it warms up enough that I don't have to worry about it freezing. (Oh yes, mid-May and I'm worried about it being too cold for my tomatoes!) That patch was covered, COVERED, in dead wild grape vines. I want nothing to do with grapes unless they are fermented, chilled and poured in a wine glass!

I hacked at that thing for an hour. Can we talk about how much it sucks to get rid of vines? It sucks a whole lot, my friends!

We ran out of lawn bags so I currently have a pile of vines behind my garage. I'll get those packed up tonight and HOPEFULLY get the area cleared enough to plant next weekend. Fingers crossed.

And just because I needed to get my daily mile in, Hubs and I walked with the Guys up to a local city fair. There wasn't anything there for them, thank goodness, and I resisted the elephant ears, but it was a nice walk. Lots of people watching for the Guys.

Oh yeah, our city had a citywide garage sale this weekend. And we scored, big time!
Oh yes, that's a castle...with a turret!


  1. Well done on getting your exercise in! And what lucky boys to have that castle!

  2. LOL - "I want nothing to do with grapes unless they are fermented, chilled and poured in a wine glass!"

    Sounds like an awesome weekend!

    1. Thanks, Des! It really was. Although I kinda feel like "is it friday yet?"

  3. That castle thing is awesome! I am finding Yard work to be a lot more physically demanding than I imagined pre-house. I'm super impressed with all the exercise you crammed into the weekend, even WITH the yard work! You totally are a beast! ^_^

    1. Right? Who knew it could be so tough! It was a lot easier when I rented and my landlord had the gardens all planned out!