Monday, May 5, 2014

The Beat Goes On/Weekend Recap/Hightail to Ale 5K Race Recap

And the streak continues! Sure, it's only the fifth of May but I have managed to run or walk at least a mile everyday. And on top of that I have at least been physical for thirty minutes everyday. I have been moving, people and it feels good!

I started my weekend off with a 5K Friday evening. So I'll start my weekend recap off with a recap of the race. Whew.

Hightail to Ale 5K Race Recap
Packet Pick-up
Packet pick-up was offered Thursday evening and then Friday before the race. I thought about picking up my packet on my way home from work but there is an entire freeway shut down for construction and it would've screwed up my commute enough that I would've been home LATE so I said eff it and picked it up Friday. I went to the race right from work, got there a little after five. Race started at six thirty so I had plenty of time to pick up my t-shirt, pint glass and bib. The t-shirt isn't a tech shirt, but is still cute enough to wear out in public so I was happy with it. There weren't a lot of people around, it was early enough yet so pick up was easy in and easy out. I even had time to drop my crap off at my car and make it back with time to spare. Between all the running back and forth for to the car I probably got an extra mile of walking in so there is that.

The Race
Race started in waves. It was a sold out race. Apparently the lure of free beer at the end of a 5K is enough to get anyone moving. My friend and I stationed ourselves towards the back of the pack  near the Twelve Minute Mile sign.
You can't even see the start. That's a lot of people!
My left HIP was bothering me so I told my friend to run ahead of me if she wanted to. She laughed and said she was just in it for fun so she stuck by me which was nice. With the waves we ended up starting about ten minutes after the initial start.
At first things looked and felt good. I was able to run the first two miles without problem but had to start walking just after mile two. We walk/ran for the last mile and still managed to finish in just over forty minutes.

Finish time:40:44

The medals are awesome! Of course, I don't have a picture, sorry, but they're a medal and also a bottle opener woo-hoo. Unfortunately, rumor had it a box of medals was left unattended by volunteers and people stole a bunch of them so people who finished at the back of the pack didn't get medals right away. Honestly, what are you going to do with an extra medal or a medal if you didn't run the race? People are dumb.

We were funneled past people with water bottles and pretzels. I think this race was undermanned. Nowhere near as bad as The Cocoa Classic, but slightly undermanned so the volunteers were stretched kinda thin. We waited in line for our beer. I wasn't really feeling it, in fact my stomach was a bit twisted up at this point, so I saved my beer for Hubs. Thank goodness they gave us a can!
Made in Detroit!
Fun race! The next race in the series is Running Between the Vines and is run in a vineyard in August. My running friend, same one I ran the half with and this one, is already signed up for the half. I'm giving myself the month of May to see how my leg is before I decide which distance to sign up for. Here's hoping it the half!

Saturday I took the boys and the dog for a three mile walk. Spent the evening with some girlfriends. And Sunday Hubs surprised me with an early Mother's Day celebration. He's going to be out of town next weekend so he made me breakfast in bed and invited family over for my favorite meal, meatless spaghetti (basically, spaghetti noodles, tomato sauce, green  peppers and cheddar cheese all baked together. SO YUMMY!). I was super surprised and it was a nice treat. Since Hubs will be gone Thursday through Monday and Mama will be flying solo for that time I certainly enjoyed it!

After everyone left I finally had a chance to break out my new Forerunner 110! I had planned on only going one mile but by the time I was a mile away from the house I figured I might as well make it three miles. My left leg is iffy so I took it slow. I think I'll be doing a lot more walking than running this month. Leg heal thyself!

How was your weekend?


  1. Oh looks like a wonderful weekend! And any race that ends with beer, is indeed a good race! Sorry about the hip and the tummy issues though!

    1. I think that's why it was a such a popular race...BEER!

  2. I didn't know we lived near each other!! I did that race, too!! We may have been standing right next to each other, lol! I'll post my recap later tonight...I DID get a shot of the medal, lol!

    Congrats on your run!!

    1. Well thank goodness someone did! I'll link up to you when I see it! Are you planning on running the other two races in the series?

  3. I love that you include the packet pick up in your recaps, it's never something I think to do, but like you've mentioned before it can be a real insight into how the race is run. Sounds like a fun race, even with the hip and tummy issues. How did you like the Forerunner?