Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Road is Long With Many a Winding Turn/Weekend Recap

And it's Tuesday morning.

The weekend flew by, but at the same time, FELT like three days. Does that make sense?

I had a half day on Friday so I had even more time with my guys this weekend. We kept busy, that's for sure.

During nap time on Friday I dug out the area behind my garage so I could get my kitchen garden planted. I didn't do any planting last year, the guys were only six months old and I just didn't have the energy to do much besides go to work and come home and be with them. This year is a whole different ball game.

Last weekend I tackled the wild grapes. Oh how I hate wild grapevines.

Because I had the dirt available I decided to pull out what I thought were paver stones. They were not paver stones. After doing some digging around Hubs and I realized that the paver stones were not, in fact paver stones but were cinder blocks. Oh yes, that's what I said.

I ended up digging up a dozen cinder blocks. Let me just tell you that every single muscle in my body was whimpering come Saturday.

Before and after. The top photo shows some unburied cinder blocks and the buried ones left.

I managed to get the blocks out while the boys slept which was good. I didn't have to worry about them pulling one over on themselves.

The guys got up from their nap and decided to help Mom in the garden.

My little helpers.
Oh yeah, you can see bricks at the bottom of the above photo. There were also buried bricks. I dug up cinder blocks and bricks. I better end up with the best tasting veggies around because that was some hard ass work!

I had my first "group" run on Saturday. I say "group" because it was just me and one other member of my Moms Run This Town chapter. I've never run with a stranger before so I was super nervous. It was great and the miles, three of them, just flew by. I got to try out a new route, too. I am looking forward to the next group run!

After I got back, Hubs and I loaded up the boys and headed to Home Depot. Thank you, Home Depot, for your shopping carts with room to hold two toddlers. I ended up planting tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and zucchini. Wish me luck as I have been known to kill a garden or two.

After all the heavy labor on Friday and Saturday I decided to unofficially take Sunday and Monday off. I still got my miles and my movement in but nothing too crazy. We took the boys to the community pool for the first time on Sunday. They were kinda meh about it but I think they were just tired. We went again on Monday and they had a lot more fun, thank goodness. The pool membership was not cheap!

I also signed up for my June 5K! Is it really almost June?

How was your weekend?

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